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Comment Re:How (Score 1) 44

The only part of that that sounds potentially unkosher is the unlimited miles on the leases. Everything else looks like just a matter of people failing to do their own damned due diligence.

Every employer brags about their awesome compensation package; any employee making $20.50/hour (the average for a NYC Uber driver) who thinks they'll make $90k a year damned well better plan on working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. And their leases sucked? Hey, maybe shop the fuck around before you pay someone (especially your employer) for a product or service offered by a million other sources?

Comment Re:Despite enthusiasm at the box office (Score 1) 318

What enthusiasm? The fact that when all your showings are in 3D people reluctantly choose it over the 2D showing that you aren't even offering?

This. Citing the success of Avatar? Avatar succeeded despite being in 3d, not because of it.

During the whole thankfully-short boxoffice 3d craze of the early 2010's, I can count the number of people who told me they liked it on zero hands; meanwhile, virtually every conversation about seeing a recent movie started with something like "at least the 3d wasn't too distracting".

Comment Re:Pussy says what? (Score 1) 537

I actually thought he might do it just because he's effectively in prison now, as a way out that lets him save face.

Clearly, I gave him too much credit. He's apparently content to live out the rest of his days in a gilded cage, grasping at any pathetic attempt to stay in the spotlight-of-disgrace.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 537

How could you possibly interpret his statement like that?

Because he said almost exactly that? Fuck the bankers? Cool. Fuck the DNC for rigging their own primary? Hey, no fair!

People seem set on ignoring the single most important detail about this "partisan" issue - The people wanted Sanders vs Trump; the GOP grudgingly honored the will of its constituents (even though they largely expected to lose as a result), while the DNC rigged every step of their primaries to get the "right" woman on the ticket (and did lose as a result).

As for "one sided" - Nope!, the Russians hacked both sides, they just didn't find anything "juicy" enough about the GOP to bother with.

Comment No surprise. The XBone launch was a disaster. (Score 2) 127

The XBone launch was a disaster. They had to backpedal on just about any announcement made, having sold countless lock-ins as "features", type A Microsoft style. It's only for about a year now that people can trust the XBone to be reasonably fair to the consumer in most areas. And this is the stage of a console lifetime were those interested will go and ask around which console was better marketshare and is likely to have more people playing on- and offline. Hence even potential XBone buyers are craning their necks for the PS4s offerings.

I own the last iteration of the Xbox 360 and a stack of games, most of which would run on the XBone, and even I am reluctant of the XBone, due to the lock-in and lack of convenience in this generations consoles.

Consoles are too much of an online service extension and not really that convenient anymore these days. Pop in a disk, run a game used to be. Now it's download the update of Mafia 3 for 4 days flat until you can actually play. People who have no problem with that get a PC. XBones+Kinect "allways-on" non-sense and similar stuff was just the straw that broke the camels back, vis-a-vis the (slightly) less invasive and pretentious Sony and their PS4.

Comment Re:Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 2) 139

Do you have your clothes dryer vent professionally cleaned every six months?

Did you know that, in the US alone, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss?

By comparison, only 96 credible reports of Note 7 fires exist, causing 13 burns and damaging property 47 times, making the known-defective Note 7 roughly 30 times safer than a non-defective clothes dryer.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility in case your clothes dryer results in injuries and death to others? Just to avoid a MINOR inconvenience?

Comment Were do you see Swift heading? (Score 1) 338

Were do you see Swift heading?

Does Swift want to become a modern feasible replacement for other cross-plattform technologies like Qt or is it focussed on Apple plattdorms?

Were/are there plans to build a full-blown cross-plattform application layer ecosystem for Swift, including IDE and a plattform agnostic standard lib or is this a thing left to anyone wanting to it themselves?

Thanks for answers. And good luck at and for Tesla!

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 1) 165

If you can do a thing and legally get away with it because the legal system in that country is corrupt or broken, then it by definition is "perfectly acceptable".

"That country", in this case, is the US. Knowingly filing a frivolous police report in the US is not "perfectly acceptable" or something you just "get away with".

why should I take the word of some random person on the internet over that of the actual legal authorities in a place?

You shouldn't! Of course, on the flip-side of that, no doubt you can provide an on-the-record statement by the "actual legal authorities" of Las Vegas saying they consider wasting their time as a PR stunt just peachy-keen?

Comment Do whatever you want. (Score 1) 261

We IT experts are, compared to the rest of the ordinary crowd, in the extremely fortunate position that we can basically do whatever we like to do in our field and earn either decent or obscene amounts of cash while doing so. There is just about no other industry today where that is possible.

Do whatever you want. If you don't know what you want, try things out. Keep looking. ... Steve Jobs was right on this one.

Think you have the great new app / service up your sleeve? Build that.
Want to learn Oracle/SAP/Whatever wear a suit all day and earn big bucks quick? Go ahead.
Want to be a digital nomad? Get going.
Want to do web? Go right ahead.
Want to do embedded? Do it.
Want to do engineering IT? Get into a trainee programm already.
Science? Same thing.

My advice generally:

1.) You've got a degree but probably no or not that much practical experience. Know that that is what you are lacking and what you want and need to gain. So don't be afraid to burn yourself. Don't think because you have a degree you are better and are less prone to failure. Many big things start out with sticky-tape and chickenwire and grow from there - don't get all academic and shit if you join a startup and the crew is a battle-hardened pragmatic bunch and does things accordingly. Be useful with your academic background and your 'l33t skillz but also listen and try to see the big picturee. Academic and reality are to different pairs of shoes. Learn do discern.

2.) Be bold. My biggest problems looking back on my career was being to timid. I was careful and not reckless, which is good - especially if you have a kid to take care of - but I also was often too timid at certain points. When life pushed me over the edge and I had to take the plunge I always felt much much better a year late

The cool thing about being a CS grad is that however you fail you can always get back on your feet quickly, as IT experts are in demand right now.

Good luck with your career. Enjoy it.

Comment Remain calm! Plan and organise your exit. (Score 1) 432

Others have said it and I would second that: Plan and organise your exit.

Don't appease, don't confront but don't back down from a fight or discussion. Look for a new job and do your thing as long as you need to or can in the current company. Then quit professionally. If someone asks you why, state that element in the culture don't seem to fit. If someone gets specific in their questions, stay objective and calm while describing the situation that lead you to quit.

Unless they sincerely offer to address the problem head on and offer you to stay on your terms (different department, different supervisor, different tasks, no direct interaction with the a**hole, etc.) don't back down from your move.

I've come to think that gaslighting is a cruel way of social interaction, grown with human evolution.
The people doing it are basically type-a sociapaths towards their victims. It's basically a mechanism of tribe-formation. The old testament and the abrahamic revelation cults much of our western culture is built on are full of this shit. An extended form of it being - of course - modern day fascism.

I read a lot about it lately. I had a strange experience this last half year with a supposed GF of mine and stayed in the 'relationship' just to observe the extreme mechanisms of semi-borderline reality distortion and manipulation she pulled off. I dumped her (the first time I seriously dumped anyone like this) and caught her off guard (she was shocked) but it's interesting that our "relationship" hasn't changed at all, the still behaves like an a**hole towards me, only less so because we don't interact that much anymore.

Social interaction phenomenon like this you should basically take as a more-or-less objective force of nature, and deal with it accordingly. No job in the world is worth putting up with something that challenges your basic inner self each and every step and has you prove your worth as a human every step of the way and has you doubt your self-worth.

You're better of being a bum or a digital nomand than putting up with a job like that.

Comment Maybe. But what's the point of your question? (Score 1) 286

C is still basically the most widely used assembler 2.0 and just about everything we use is built with C.
Yes, there is C++ and entire stacks built on that, but I'm not talking about Windows. In the global context, Windows is somewhat of an exception.
The C familly of languages is alive and well and the C-fans building our systems we work on still seem to think it's the best tool for the job.

Until someone replaces the entire toolchain with a new language like Go or Rust and people from the format like Linus Torvalds start building systems with it, C might fluctuate in general popularity, but it won't go away.

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