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Comment Fascinating ... (Score 1) 55

I find it fascinating how these days companies can charge bizar amounts of money for things we have enjoyed for free for decades. IRC is a perfect solution and yet people buy into slack - itself an IRC rippoff with an OK web interface included.

Same with Office Products. Office365 costs 40 Euros per seat and month. And people are actually paying for this. Imagine Microsoft coming up with such a thing in the 90ies. People would've peed their pants laughing.

It's fascinating the way our entire society is being brainwashed into access culture. Scary but fascinating. Like sheep. And they don't even notice.

Comment Re:Clickbait? (Score 1) 151

I largely play "Idle" games these days, lacking the time to really get into much more involved than that... And even there you'll find a die-hard community that considers anything other than manually sitting there for hours at a time and clicking furiously as "cheating" (in games where the core mechanic amounts to "level up your resource-producers and come back tomorrow to do it again").

Mind you, many such games' devs have gone so far as to provide straightforward javascript hooks solely for the purpose of more efficient botting; but, good luck arguing that with a purist.

/ (and show me a human who claims to legitimately have the "click a million times" achievement in any game, and I'll show you a liar with an autoclicker. ;)

Comment And IMDB cares about this *why*, exactly? (Score 5, Insightful) 302

"Registrant Organization:, Inc.
Registrant Street: Legal Dept, PO Box 81226,
Registrant City: Seattle
Registrant State/Province: WA"

Dear California: How about "go fuck yourself". That a good answer?

Oh, you don't want IMDB operating in your state? Perhaps you could build some sort of Great Firewall. That's worked out so well for China (and North Korea).

Comment Re:One of those sounds potentially useful.... (Score 1) 33

Back in my college days, we had a saying about student-run experimental design: "Psychology is the study of females ages 18 to 22 with above-average intellect and an interest in psychology".

Although that does mean you need to eventually check your results on a larger, more random pool of participants, it doesn't flat-out make those first-round results invalid. It just means you can get (at least) two papers out of the same results, verifying (or refuting) the external validity of the initial results. ;)

Comment Turkish dorkery is off the charts ... (Score 1) 45

Living in Germany turks and people of turkish descent are a part of everyday life. We've got roughly 3 Million people with turkish heritage, many in 2nd and 3rd generation, and turkish is the second most spoken language here.

What I've long since discovered is that when Turks go dorky, they clear the bar for dorkyness in an instant.
The video and the tacky pseudo-transformer it features is about as turkish as it gets in that regard. :-)

Comment On a sidenote: (Score 1) 276

If you don't know what you're doing, you might want to stear clear of blackbox devices in your private LAN.
I personally wouldn't trust an IOThingie that I didn't build myself with a Rasberry Pi, Arduino or something.

Oh, and not being able to find out if your device is part of a botnet counts as 'not knowing what you're doing'.

My 2 Eurocents.

Comment Re: Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

The more data that people use in aggregate, the more capacity that Verizon has to build or everyone's data slows down.

Bandwidth does not equal monthly usage.

If Verizon said "we want to implement a time-of-day based surcharge to help reduce network congestion", we could reasonably discuss the merits of using financial rather than technical means of throttling heavy users.

Charging me per GB of 2am Windows updates, however, counts as nothing short of rent seeking via regulatory capture. Every single unused bit of capacity of my nearest cell tower gets wasted forever. It neither costs Verizon more, not saves them a penny, to ever have a tower sitting idle; and thanks to a complete (intentional) failure of the FCC to properly allocate spectrum as a public good, you and I can't simply say "screw you, Verizon, I'll put up my own cell network!"

Comment Destroys Rasberry Pi? (Score 1) 205

You mean the board actually stood up, walked over to the Rasberry Pi standing nearby and crushed it to pieces? ...
What happend to normal sentences like "Runs XYZ benchmark 5 times faster than the Rasberry Pi using half the energy" or something like that?
Is this the effect the US political debate has on language? Probably.

Comment Re: Good Heavens (Score 2) 274

Clap Clap Clap.

Now tell us what fraction of the total length of that line actually fell within city limits rather than "middle of the ocean/desert"?

And that woefully low number comes from a line you cherry-picked. Try again by throwing two darts at a map and draw your line through them - Repeat. Repeat. Now tell us what fraction of those lines ever even intersect a city.

Slashdot really needs to ban ACs. You worthless wastes of electrons get less useful and more hostile every year.

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