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Comment Re: What were they thinking? (Score -1, Flamebait) 177

I was with you until you said private streets. Fuck private streets. The public sphere is essential for a healthy society. We need public spaces, and we've generally stopped building so much of it since the civil rights era and peeps started getting uppity. The plague of culs de sac is bad enough. Private streets unless maybe one human person owns the entire surrounding land are bullshit.

Comment Re: Hey Apple, here's some free consulting (Score 1) 155

I think part of hulu's problem is that the transition to commercials are harsh, not in relation to transitions in the story, way too repetitive, and you're immediately frustrated (at least on desktop) when all the controls suddenly freeze/gray out during the ad. At least spottily lets you pick your battles with a prescribed number of skips per hour. All these things seem fixable. Have seemed fixable for ages. Yet they're not fixed. Their model is to practically insult you with a very similar experience with Hulu+. It doesn't matter if there's more content if you're still put off by the UI and ad experience. I would have thought hulu'd wise up by now, but the fact that they never did tells you they're in this business for another reason. More of a denial strategy, or negotiating leverage when competitors come to universal for streaming content contracts.

Comment Maybe (Score 4, Insightful) 139

But this general domain in the realm of contemporary giant data sets is the basic science research of our times. To say that 'data scientist' roles are dead in the near future based on a ROI analysis is to suggest that all these huge data sets aren't likely to pay off for a corp in the near future. And that doesn't sound right at all.

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