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Comment Re:Drones strikes are great... (Score 1) 429

This is by far the best reply to the Original Article slashdot had posted.
The submitter tried to force his own narrow interests in drones/uavs on a spcific study.
Either he is extremely biased, or uneducated to the point of total reading comprehension failure.
I actually understand why this was posted anonymously - the submitter would have been blacklisted immediately from any reader with half a mind.

Comment Re:Candice side (Score 1) 667

There were two issues here - ethics (morality?) and monetary compensation.
If you sold the pic, the money issue is done. Even if the pic is later lifted, you were compensated for the pic and can no longer expect further profits.
ethically speaking - you are still entitled to full credits, no matter how much the customer paid.

If you think you only sold a single copy, non-transferable rights - shame on you. Next time set the value to however much you expected the pic to generate over the copyright lifetime.

Comment Re:i weep, truly, weep for you (Score 1) 377

This is the first I heard of this - the creators who work on any project don't get paid? They don't draw a salary at the end of each month? They actually wait for some shmo to pay 15$ to split it amongst all the crew? Seriously? I thought only very junior software coders worked for profit shares instead of full wages. Are the media guys really so far behind the times?

Comment rhel 6 , xcat , slurm , IB (Score 2) 387

" So, what's the best Linux distro for something of this size and scale?"
I would have suggested SL6 but their guy just left for RHEL, and CENTOS is still playing catch-up. since you obviously have money, go with best supportedOS.
"Additionally, due to cost contracts, we have to choose either InfiniBand or 10Gb Ethernet for the backend: which would Slashdot readers go with if they had to choose?"
IB, hands down.
The main issue isn't even the bandwidth (which is 40Gb/s compered to 10Gb/s) - it's about latency and RDMA for whatever MPI you'll use.
"Any suggestions on the most powerful Linux friendly PCI-e GPU available?"
Go with nvidia tesla. Every self respecting HW vendor has them as an option for either blades or rackmounts now-a-days.

Manage the whole thing with xCAT, schedule your jobs with slurm (wouldn't touch moab, now, can't justify the cost),personally I'd focus on openmpi (intel compiled, not gcc) with blcr checkpointing.
You can set the entire SW stack in 4-6 hours if you know what you're doing.

Comment Re:The Right Rights (Score 1) 478

Perhaps I missed this when I rtfa but nowhere do I see it mentioned that these protestors were there to tell Israel that it did not have the right to exist.

You are, of course, correct.
The protesters are merely there to assert the right of some unnamed third party to tell Israel it does not have the right to exist.
Enabling someone else to call for a people's demise should not reflect upon your person in any way. I feel wiser.

Comment Re:Facebook - Owned By A Jew. (Score 1) 478

I am willing to donate up to 20$ to help you buy any credible history book from amazon. You choice. Just please - read it.

Palestine, to your utter amazement and horror never existed. before the British mandate the Ottoman empire ruled. as a distinctive land it only existed, to my recollection, during the crusades. Would you claim the mamluks were the invaders and the region should be pan-european?

Comment Re:Facebook - Owned By A Jew. (Score 1) 478

Are you referring to Syria, by any chance? You know, the Syria the Palestinians, to date, still embrace wholeheartedly?
If by any chance, you were referring to the Israelis, please provide some proof to back your allegations. Any of them.

You claim the Flotilla members were non-violent. That assertion has been proven wrong (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG0EfG8mnAo/).

You claim the commandos had been sent to slaughter them. That also is false. (same video, note the use of paintball guns)

You claim you do not put people on travel blacklists if they did not demonstrate willingness to commit violent acts against you, yet you did so. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/08/iranian-officials-travel-blacklist)
""The UK is working closely with its partners to prevent a wide range of individuals connected with Iran's nuclear enrichment and weaponisation programmes from entering our countries. These include scientists, engineers and those procuring components," Hague said in a statement."
scientists and engineers are put on travel blacklist by the British government? A government is exercising it sovereignty against civilians who had done nothing illegal or violent against it? good grief!

In short, most of your allegations are false. Please provide some shred of logic and facts to support such allegations in the future.

Comment Illegal? Pirate? WTF? (Score 1) 259

A) It's not illegal to download. It's a copyright violation to distribute. Downloading is legal.
B) pirates rape and murder physical human being. As in actual violence against a person's body. Copyright infringement, OTOH, is, while financially hurting to some, as non-violent crime as they come.

Comment At the risk of coming across as a troll (Score 2) 112

This is a decent piece of engineering that got butchered by spencer's editorial.
As one commenter in the original blog mentioned:

Well's spencer's knowledge on the subject is: Aeronautics is an engineering degree and I have a liberals arts degree in English so I can can blog about anything.

Even more surprising is that not a single slashdotter bothered to check what's really shown, instead relying on BS from Wired
This is an unmanned rapid combat zone casualty extraction vehicle - way cheaper than a helicopter (and thumbs down to all the commentators who couldn't count to 10 without a helping hand) and capable of reaching areas a helicopter would only dream of approaching.
But hey, don't let the facts confuse you - on with the "it's just junk" comments from these who couldn't figure out which way the pilot wasn't seating...

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