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Comment Re:In Soviet Brazil (Score 5, Informative) 258

WRONG! We do not raze rainforest for that. Because rainforest soil is HORRIBLE for agriculture. Brasil has HUGE plains much more suited to sugar cane production. Most of legal rainforest razing is to create cattle and most of the ilegal one is for high grade wood that is sold to US and Europe black markets to poduce nice expensive furniture. Learn a bit before spelling crap here. Brasil uses ethanol as a MAINSTREAM fuel for like 30 years already. And Brasil has MORE preserved natural vegetation than US or ANY country in europe. Rainforest soil is extremely thin and not appropriated for agriculture. Brasil has a low production of wheat because here is too hot and humid for that. But we produce soy and other foods in very very large scale, IN fact Brasil is only surpassed by US in grain production.

Comment Re:People should be less arrogant and more interes (Score 1) 215

I forgot to add something. I amnot saying you shoudl jsut leave as magic and forget it. But the problem is a LOT of people put VERY hard efforts into just trying to prove its false no matter what. They just call things BS when they don match with their beliefs, and that is NOT scientific behavior. We should try to understand how it works. But for that you must first stop thinking that the way we analyse things is an undeniable and indisputable universal truth! While people keep trying to analyse eastern medicine as they analyse western one ( basically around statistics) you will never understand it! Statistics are not LAWS of nature, we are not a sample of a statistic pool and that is fundamental to try analyse acupuncture. Its like trying to understand the qualities of a poetry written in russian, reading only its translation to portuguese! Even worse is like trying to evaluate the quality of russian poetry by making statistical analysis of how well it sound to Brasilians reading it in French!

Comment Re:People should be less arrogant and more interes (Score 1) 215

You touch slightly a very important point. Eastern medicine does to treat you as a sample of a population. you are an individual and the treatment is INDIVIDUAL for every person the same treatment will NOT be applied for different persons even with exact same sympthoms. All their medicine is based on the fact that you are and individual and tatistical annalysis means nothing to them. And I will surely put my trust today in the person that treats me, not the person that tries to treat a mythical NON EXISTENT generic human from a statistical representation based on a generic population.

Comment Re:People should be less arrogant and more interes (Score 1) 215

Anedoctal? Depend on how you observe it. FACT is western medicine said (several doctors) I should be dead without that medicine or crippled usign it. Eastern medicine said I would live an OK life. FACT I am alive.. That leads to simple FACT that western medicine is NOT OWNER of the TOTAL truth (not saying the Eastern one is either). The WHOLE concept of eastern medicine is around principles that statistical annalysis is NOT A PROOF of anything, because youa re an individual, not a "representation of a popualtion" and the cure must be for YOU, not for the statistic. Until people can understand that there exist this fundamental rift in views of what define truth neither sides will ever agree on anything. I am skeptical on general sense of the word, SPECIALLY upon statistic being used as a tool to define the truth.

Comment People should be less arrogant and more interest (Score 3, Interesting) 215

I was too a very skeptical person, until I got a hormonal production disorder (I really don know its name in english, maybe later i can find a translation) that Western medicine said was impossible to cure and had to be countered with massive doses of neutralization of hormone medicines that would basically cripple me completely forever. I gave a shot and tried acupuncture since even death was better than those side effects. In 2 months the disorder was completely under control without any changes in my life but acupunture. The exams shown a reduction on the hormone production of more than 70%. I tough, ok that must be coincidence... stoped the treatment. Few months later the issue was back. Restarted the treatment and 1 month later was all under control again.... Even the doctors said to me, forget western medicie and stick to what is working. Since then I tried acupuncture for a lot of things, including issues that western medicine never was able to cure me like allergic reactions etc. I am still quite skeptical about almost everything, but I was faced with undeniable evidence that it has some VERY interesting results. People should spend less time trying to proof its or its not BS and more time trying to understand how to make people life better! And I pity the poor should that had the same diagnostics as me and went for the western "fully scientific" treatment. Medicine should be about saving people and making them feel better! Not about having reason about anything! Fool is the one that speaks without having real experience about it. Fool is the one that condems others to suffering just because the better path doe snot match his own beliefs. That is basically the same thing as religious fundamentalist.
PC Games (Games)

Game Devs On the Future of PC Gaming 375

Shacknews wraps up a developer panel at PAX East discussing the future of gaming on the PC. They cover topics including DRM, digital download platforms and cloud-based gaming services. "Joe Kreiner of Terminal Reality: 'If you look at it from a giant publisher perspective, then the numbers on the PC just really don't make financial sense for you to bother with it. But if you start out with the mindset — you know, you're targeting that group, you make a niched product that's going [to] do well, if you look at a lot of the titles on Steam, Torchlight's a really good example — as long as you know that's your audience to begin with, and you make something inside of a budget that you know you're going to be selling those kinds of numbers, you can be very successful. I think it just takes a targeted developer. ... There is no [PC] platform, really. It's just a mish-mosh of hardware, an operating system that kind of supports games. The problem with that platform is, there's no standards and piracy is rampant, so why would we want to make a video game for that platform unless you had some sort of draconian DRM thing to keep it from being stolen?"

Comment Re:Build-in function library (Score 1) 831

There is no need to ANY copy to implement that on a well made compile. Move stack pointer (faster and cleaner than a NEW), execute constructor code (equaly necessary on both cases), call the method bar using that stack address as this pointer and with parameter someotherarg. The copy could arise if you return as COPY form the bar method something whose constructor is not trivial and have side effects. Returning anything complex by copy is by itself a bad practice in C++. Do not write code that needs to return anything complex by copy. That is why I said, C++ suck when you use the WRONG mentality alongside it. If you think and use it as it was supposed to be used... no issues .

Comment Re:Build-in function library (Score 1) 831

Bad example. Because that is an example tough on the logic of people use donly to GC languages. Computers have 2 different memmories (on a proccess level memory concept) stack and heap. You do NOT need to put everything on heap! In fact 95% of EVERY object in a typical C++ code, specially all the temporaries will be at stack with ZERO chance of any overhead of malfunction. You can and you SHOULD usually write in C++ return Foo(somearg).bar(someotherarg). Because you are not LIMITED to heap objects.

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