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Comment Re:Windows Application license time-sharing? (Score 1) 113

I'm not sure you can do this legally.
That is, the 5 PCs in the corner should be ok. But according to this blog post (which, granted, is over 5 years old,) RDP / VNC is not:

Quote: "Terminal Services does not change the number of devices accessing and using a software application, it merely provides another avenue to access the software through. So licensing Microsoft Office doesn't change at all regardless if Terminal Services is used or not. You still need one license per device accessing and using the Microsoft Office application."

I guess if you came up with some way of limiting concurrent access to 5 users at a time, then *technically* you might not violate the license since you'd only have 5 devices using it at any given time. You'd still have 100 total devices though, which I'm sure MS' lawyers would jump on..


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Comment Re:German for several reasons (Score 1) 514

1. Once you start learning German (you get a fair bit of Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Dutch/Afrikaans for free.) The same could be said for Latin, but it doesn't have any practical use.

Not really for the scandinavian languages. Yeah, some words maybe somewhat similar, but the same is true for e.g. English/Swedish. Most kids I went to school with found it harder to learn German than English (but of course it did help that 50% of TV programming was in English with sub titles)

Comment Re:Children in other countries play the same games (Score 1) 1168

Yeah exactly. Or look at Sweden. No mass shootings EVER. And to those who say we need to put religion back in the schools, most of Europe (or at least the northern part) is full of 'godless heathens'. Yet people over there seem to have higher moral standards. How is that?

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