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Comment True, sort of (Score 4, Insightful) 86

This is true in what it is trying to say. I started using FOSS because it was useful, not because I had any intention of contributing. Now, I regularly file bug reports and do what I can to help out and answer the questions of others. However, "freeloaders" who stay freeloaders forever are not actually necessary, except maybe that they will tell others who will end up not being freeloaders. The bottom line is: The expectation value of helpfulness for a "freeloader" is absolutely not negative.

Comment Light/Fast, Compatible (Score 1) 879

XP is lighter and faster than any other Windows release, while still being compatible with almost all of the software I want. I prefer an OS I can run on my crumbling 600 MHz laptop with 256 MB of RAM and on all my modern machines (inside of a VirtualBox, since I'm a Linux user).

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