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Journal steevc's Journal: More friends 3

Got a couple more friends to link back to me on /., for what it matters. I've got the lowest user ID by a long way :)

I'm not a frequent commenter here, but I see I at least got rated on a couple I did make.

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  • Just thought I'd comment that my user ID is lower than yours.

    Merry Xmas.
    • by steevc ( 54110 )
      Well I'm sure a few thousand others could say the same. I've been hanging around /. for a few years now. I can't even remember how I came across it. Even though I work in IT most of my colleagues are not that geeky and I have few friends who are either. It's only fairly recently that I have acquired so many 'friends' here. Most of them are from the local LUG.

      Happy new year
  • I did have a lower ID (not sure if it was lower than yours) but I lost the email account assocciated with so could never reset the password (which I lost when trashing an old PC).

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