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Journal Journal: Am I Over Moderating? 3

Let me please get one thing straight before I begin, I am not complaining. I have no reasons to object to moderating, in fact I rather enjoy it. I've just been worried that for some reason my account is being looped into a quantum leap of sorts. This just may be something that should be brought to someone's attention.

My worry is that it seems like I am granted moderator points quite often. For the first year that I was a registered user, I'm not sure that I got any access. I posted a few comments that gave me a point or two of Karma. The first time I remember getting moderator points was right after I had a submission accepted. It was only a story in AskSlashdot that never made it to the homepage, but it gave me a Karma boost. It wasn't too unexpected.

But later I had one story that was put on the main page. That is when (I think) my problem began. Soon after that I got mod points. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but I then I got 5 more points the day after I used them all up. And then a third round of points. I was puzzled.

After that round, I didn't get points again for a few weeks, and then avery few weeks or so. The past few weeks, however, I seem to have been getting points about once a week or so.

Now, I will point out that at the moment I have a Karma rating of "Good" (Why did they stop telling us the actual number?) and I am a subscribing member, not that it should have anything to do with moderation privleges. I check in a few times daily, and try to metamod every day. When I moderate, I try to stay away from negative moderations unless I feel the post really needed it, which is not very often -- most that need it are AC's or have been hit by mods before me, and not worth wasting my points. Also, last week I posted a comment that was moderated up to 5 and was replied to a number of times.

Like I said at the beginning, I'm not complaining. I enjoy moderating and having an active part in the /. community. I'm just worried that there may be a programming loop here form some reason. Who knows, maybe Taco just likes what I have to say. Either way, I just wanted to know if anyone else is being struck by the same phenomenon, or if I'm just lucky.

Feel free to tell me what you think, that's why it's here.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Moderators abusing\misusing -1 Redundant?

I'm sure just about every regular (or at least frequent) /. poster has seen this same problem at some time or another. Today I wrote a comment to the article titled "Modular Robots." I noticed that there were few posts already - prime Karma materiel. I read each post quickly to make sure my topic wasn't covered, refreshing just to be sure. Then I wrote my comment, previewed, checked the links, and submitted. What happened then? You all know the story, I checked the posts again, and found a related quote submitted 3 minutes before mine, and a vaguely similar one a few minutes before that, both well within the time I started writing my post. Thinking most moderators are intelligent enough to check times, let alone not bother modding down the second (ok, I'll give third) related post, especially noticing how close they are together on the page.

Man, was I wrong. At least about one random /.-er. Someone modded me down -1 Redundant. Now I ask you, is this what the -1 Redundant moderation was made for? Is it right to assume that we all should be reading eachother's minds and knowing what you are going to post before you post it? I say NAY! The redundant mod is for the 15th person who makes the same lousy remark, 45 minutes after it was made in the 3rd post in the thread (we all know the first post goes to the trolls).

What can we do about this? Well, nothing. Nothing but bitch in our journals to anyone who will listen, so that's what I'm doing. What, you think I actually believed I thought that I could change people who do such things? I may be crazy, but I'm not nuts! ...yet.

Comments are enabled on this, so let me know what you think.


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