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Comment Re:Pass - Had major issues with Nexus 5 (from LG) (Score 1) 201

The original 7s had a problem with memory TRIM or something. They get horribly slow over time. A factory reset fixes it for a while, but that's far from ideal. OS update was meant to fix it, though I've not seem evidence of a fix. If it wasn't for that then they are lovely devices.

Comment Re:IE7 on Linux? (Score 1) 179

thanks, I wondered WTF anyone would want IE7 when Firefox and Opera (and maybe even Safari) are available.

I admit I'm a Firefox fan boy, but Opera is quick on JavaScript heavy sites, though IMHO the interface isn't quite as good as Firefox. Running on FC6 I've also had Opera crash more times the Firefox, over a short period. Firefox, which extensions, is all I need.

As far as I can see IE7 will only be used where Microsoft push it out as a critical update or by those unfortunate to be trying to get Vista to run Flash plugin, talk to their MP3 player, printer - yes, I've had friends ask for help on all these.


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