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Comment Re:At this point, I think I'd avoid FTDI hardware. (Score 1) 268

yup. I don't see how they can possibly justify this to their customers, or MS for that matter. They could serialize their chips... though, nothing to prevent falsifying that. Nope, customers get screwed, and manufacturers get screwed because FTDI isn't going to get angry calls that they can't just answer with "you should have bought a legitimate product" *click*.

Comment At this point, I think I'd avoid FTDI hardware... (Score 5, Interesting) 268

Son of a.... I spent, literally, 4 hours yesterday trying to troubleshoot a 3d Printer (Tinyboy 3D), with it not working. MProg from FTDI said the chip was fine (right vendor and product ID), but it just wouldn't work. I tried every driver I could find. Finally, I uninstalled the driver, disabled wifi, plugged it in, waited for Windows 7 to install the version it knew (2.4 something), used Mprog 3.5 to reprogram the chip as legit (as per:, unplugged, replugged (at which point windows reinstalled it again, with 2.4), and suddenly it started working! I can confirm this "Non Genuine" serial data, since I opened up the Arduino IDE and saw that on the serial console. You know, I sympathize with FTDI. They're having their tech ripped off. But, it's inappropriate to punish end users who don't have any say. Sure, we could not buy stuff that uses counterfeit chips, but many sellers aren't even going to know. FTDI should be pursuing the counterfeiters in China, and using what legal system China has to stop it. Either that, or create a version of the chip that has such a low price point, they put the cloners out of business by providing legit-working-alternatives for a price point. So annoying that I've lost time because FTDI does this crap, and apparently Microsoft is okay with it (I don't see how this should have passed WHQL).

Comment Funny thing... (Score 5, Interesting) 229

Had one of these (and only one)... told them I only had Mac's at home, and the guy got belligerent and said I was lying, then finally after telling him that over and over for a good minute he basically said FU and hung up. Can't imagine what they'd say if I said I only ran Linux, or something really obscure ("Sorry, I only run OpenVMS"). =D So yeah... guess their scheme falls over pretty quickly if you don't have a Windows box...

Comment Toastman Tomato (Score 1) 104

Toastman Tomato, far and away. Tested DDWRT, Tomato, Asus-Merlin, stock Asus... none of them, except Toastman, did everything I needed (ipv6, dns, nat local redirect, upnp/nat-pmp, etc). Been using it for over 6 months, have never been happier with a home router. That said, pretty sure they haven't patched Heartbleed yet (supposed to be coming anytime).

Comment Really? (Score 1) 286

So, are they going to give their chips porn names? Piledriver? Someone needs to clue these guys in... Just calling your stuff by construction equipment names doesn't make it cool. I'm a Mac user, and I still hate the fact Apple has latched onto this "let's call our products by their code names" crap. Guess I should look forward to the days of AMD's Cleveland Steamer processors.

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