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Comment Re:Here's a thought for you, Beavis (Score 1) 62

Well having just watched a documentary on how the US spends billions on helicopters to spread herbicide on Columbia instead of treatment for addicts, a plan for the 'drug war' that even the conservative Rand corporation said was the most economically inefficient and in reality the most ineffective, (not to mention very unhealthy for the people we're spraying that crap on) but done anyway for nothing other than military contractor and chemical corporation greed, I resent that remark slightly. I also know a thing or 2 about Guatemala, Nicaragua and Chiapas, let alone the fucked up policies in the middle east and the spoon fed BS terrorism threat that the current regime is using to bamboozle the stupid with. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with the evils of greed and power creating worldwide misery that I feel too insignificant to do anything about, but that doesn't mean that a good Utopia gone wrong story involving people and their twisted political ideals turning paradise into smoking ruins will turn me off. Its just the opposite, I think if this clues one uninformed gaming idiot into thinking about broader issues than the tired old 'fighting the alien menace with buffed out space marines' then I say there should be more of it. I'm kind of surprised that someone like you would cringe away from such a thing, but you must have not really read the article or ever played the Shock games, its not about giving you some hippy dippy notion about how we can all get along, its about giving you a thought provoking story amid the same kind of power struggles and real problems that people face in the real word, even if it is set on some spaceship or underwater facility. I do think a hell of a lot about the things going on in this word, and the absolutely brain sucking moronic state of the whole entertainment industry is not helping, and its certainly not entertaining to me.

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