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Comment hard to do with most software (Score 1) 195

I took a quick look at gnucash and couldn't find anything on payroll. Accountant's copy was not found either.

As for the restaurant itself, you may have a touch time finding Point of Sale (POS) software.

Quickbooks is good, but you may also want to consider Simply Accounting. For some, the multiple currency is great (extra for Quickbooks). Some differences in pricing.

I would be careful of online software. Gets expensive paying every month and you are at the mercy of the provider.

Backup your data.

As some have suggested, use software on the market and donate to open source.

Comment Call the police (Score 1) 176

the signer of the document made a false statement. Located in Canada, she (Natale Waboose) can be charged with uttering a forged document, fraud, and interfering with a computer.(I am not looking up the sections of the Criminal Code or their correct name)

Regardless of who owns the site (learning-together.ca), one can't gain access to an account and transfer on their own.

Rackspace really blew it this time.

Comment Businesses are doing themselves (Score 1) 271

do you trust a US based web hosting company after recent events?

Godaddy and Jotform.com comes to mind

The US government, under pressure from the entertainment industry is doing it. Companies like godaddy are making things worse.

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