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Comment Re:Bigger is better for some, bigger... (Score 1) 277

I'd agree, but besides one guy I know who wants to watch TV shows on the bus, EVERYONE else I know is complaining right now that there are no reasonably-sized phones available. Tablets are successful because they're tablets, not because they're big - and I would venture that MOST people don't want or need giant phones.

"Phones come in booths now? Great! Now I don't have to carry around this stupid cell phone!" --Hermes Conrad

Comment Re:Oh no! hipster outrage (Score 1) 610

It's not like that at all. In your example people are able to simply not take the tape - this was forced into your library and the only way to hide it (not even delete it) is to hide ALL your previous purchases. Sucks if you delete content to make space sometimes and want to add it again later - this album will always be there in that list of stuff you bought (now a combined list of stuff you bought and stuff apple forced on you).

A lot of what I read above seems to be "so what" but what happens when it's more targeted, and more rampant? You'll start changing your minds and start to value having a little control over your media, your device, your life. You'll miss your short list of 5 albums you bought when you have to wade through 40 albums of crap Apple decided should show up in the list. At very least just make it a new/different list!! We used to get TV free but had to sit through commercials - that was fair. Now you pay $40/month for cable and still have to watch commercials? Greed and desire for control are changing things more rapidly than before, and it seems silly to me that they're taking control away from consumers; if we can't even vote with our dollar any longer I suspect piracy will skyrocket on a scale so far unseen. If I owed stock in Apple I'd be outraged that company money went toward this rather than R&D for how to not suck.

Comment Re:It's not your phone (Score 1) 610

I disagree. The option is to auto-download purchased content, not "everything", but in any case those of us who Don't want it and didn't purchase it have it marked as purchased now! Previously we were allowed to choose what we bought, (and price or lack-thereof doesn't change what I'm talking about here). For the record I never enabled that stupid option, but I'm still pissed. See my post above about Control. The issue isn't U2 or iTunes or bandwidth, it's about control.

Comment Re:sort of like Amazon Prime Music (Score 1) 610

There's nothing stopping you from browsing, and there are now tons of sites and databases and forums etc to help you find similar or related music, including one built into iTunes (ping I think? did my best to disable & hide it because "F-OFF and stop watching my usage preferences for your marketing").

The issue here boils down to one simple thing: Control. People want control of their (very expensive) mobile - or any - device, and Apple wants control of how you use it and what you have access to when you use it. That's obvious with just about every aspect of iOS (yes I have an iPhone). Apps, settings, etc it's all their way or no way. I can't uninstall the Stocks app. Why? You can't tell me there's code in it needed by iOS, and if there was, why not move it to a required shared object / DLL type file and Now there are Facebook settings in the iOS general settings - WHY?! I deleted my facebook account and don't even have the app installed!

Control. I don't even hate U2, but this whole debacle pisses me off to no end. It may not have auto-downloaded, but I can't get it off my list unless I also remove all the other content that I (should not have!) bought on iTunes and CHOSE not to have on the iPhone this month. I went back to buying CD's and ripping them - you know why? Control. I can control the quality, whether I see them in the list, which cover artwork to embed, everything.

There's simply no intuitive, nice way of taking control away from a user without someone getting upset, and I don't see how anyone is surprised by that.

Comment Re:geek or not (Score 1) 238

I love my Asus RT-AC66U with Merlin's custom firmware. I use openVPN with it (and Tunnelblick etc on my clients). That being said, if you want the best, pfSense is where it's at. You just need any cheap motherboard and a total of 2 network connections (usually that's one on-board and one add-in card, and they're cheap). I'd use a mobo that had on-board video so you have less generating heat in the case (and also less to buy and supply power to).

Comment Re:COST (Score 1) 544

I can't disagree with you, but I feel there's another aspect missing here - what the manufacturer sees as beneficial (costs such as making physical kb's in every language) and what retailers or business analysts feel will sell based on all the latest marketing research (and remember in Big Data correlation IS causation!). "Wow look at how well the iPhone 3G sold! I guess no wants a physical keyboard anymore... None of our phones will ever sell again unless they're exactly like the iPhone in every way." (Nevermind the fact it could have sold for any one of 10-15 fairly cool / fairly new / or fairly well implemented features).

I believe this is also the reason someone (somewhere) in just about every camp (Mac, Win 8, Ubuntu as examples) thinks a desktop OS should start being gutted to look and work more like a mobile OS. I firmly believe LACK of features on mobiles (like real keyboards, mice, configurability/customizability, etc) are helping keep the PC market alive ever-so-slightly.

Comment Re:Not surprising. (Score 1) 378

Not sure where you get your information from, but find a new source. Any language can be on the outside as long as the French is bigger OR on top (or both), and I'm from Quebec but barely speak French; we only ever spoke English outside of class. I don't deny they're pretty stupid with some of the language laws though... For example, considering the laws are to protect their culture from erosion due to the overwhelming English majority in North America, which makes sense, doesn't it also make sense to assume that road signs for tourists should be in English because a) tourists don't speak French and b) the locals already know where they're going?!

Comment Re:icewm (Score 1) 611

Of course world is absolutely full of weird situations which make Windows go on knees too, but those can be pinpointed to specific components, like the "wrong network driver" you mentioned. They are not a general problem.
They aren't general problems in Linux either - they're usually related to graphics drivers. If you buy a video card that is well supposed in Linux on purpose you'll find everything runs quite well. It's all about being smart when you build a system - knowing you want to run whichever distro makes the hardware choices pretty easy.

Comment Re:Data Caps are already here (Score 1) 475

Don't be fooled into thinking AT&T won't add caps soon too - they've always had them here in Canada (Rogers here is AT&T) and they make a killing off the overage fees - I can't imagine they wouldn't want to apply that to a larger marker like the US; it's free money! Re "no one seems to care", I would guess the polititians are getting hand-out incentives to go for this. "If the company makes more they promise me more, and I can afford the unlimited plan (if they don't give it to me free anyway)!" Matured-Capitalism-in-a-Matured-Democracy 101.

Comment Re:Only pirates & terrorists need more than 30 (Score 3, Interesting) 475

So true... and they'll ignore the obvious stuff like Netflix, Steam, and the other modern e-business models that have greatly increased our average monthly bandwidth. I'm in Canada and I got tired of paying Rogers (AT&T) $68 a month for a 120GB cap, only to habitually over-step that line (I'm a habitual line-stepper, as Charlie Murphy would say) and get charged up to $100 more - thankfully laws prevent them from charging any more than $100 extra per month, but that's still $168 in a month just for internet. I've recently switched to Acanac where I'm paying less than $50 for the same speeds with no cap. Hopefully US customers will be able to find smaller/independant ISPs that offer something similar... switching away from the big guys when they make stupid moves like this is the only way to ge the message across - vote with your dollar! Don't be shy to sign online petitions and send out emails to politians on the upcoming bill they have to vote on, too.

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