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Comment Re:Unfortunate way to sell Linux on the desktop (Score 1) 137

I switched to the Mint Linux at home in 2008 because my FreeBSD 4.xy and later PC-BSD was getting hard to keep up-to-date at that time. The main issue was flash plugins for browsers and suchlike. At that time I had problems running newer versions of FreeBSD on my computer built from quite a few salvaged parts, and I was too poor/frugal to purchase a new PC.
Just like with FreeBSD, Mint Linux was a love at first sight. Much more to my taste than other Linux distributions that I kept testing.

So, for some of us it wasn't the dislike of Windows, but love for Unix.

Comment Re:So what do I drink? (Score 1) 143

I drink water with a little bit of lemon juice.

Sometimes I drink carbonated mineral water (similar to soda only without sugar, sweeteners and artificial flavoring ;-) )

I also drink "fake coffee" - made from roasted grains. It is a little bit bitter and I drink it with a bit of milk.

Comment Re:Meanwhile, here in Europe ... (Score 1) 250

Yes. The vast majority of things are cheaper in USA. I do not deny that. And the Internet isn't really that cheap here, comparatively, because we have lower average income. We also pay higher taxes.

Only a few things besides Internet are cheaper here. Little things, such as mobile plans, education, especially University education, health care, public transport. Also retirement pensions are done differently ...

Comment Meanwhile, here in Europe ... (Score 5, Informative) 250

I live in Europe.
I pay 16Euro per month for 70Mbit/s Internet connection.
A "landline" is included in the price - IP telephony device included - with 20 free minutes to landlines here in my town and free calls within provider network and reasonable prices for calling cellular providers or out-of-town numbers.
AND, included in that 16Euro/month package, I get some 100 cable channels, with 15 most popular channels having an archive - ability to play, and skip adds for any program from the last 20 days.
I pay about 7Eur per month extra for package with various Discovery channels, History channel and cartoon channels for my kids (cartoons being the main reason I keep the extra package, because most documentary programs air various reality shows 95% of the time)

This is what you get when you do not allow companies to create artificial monopolies for the last mile.
I live in town and 5 different providers have fiber optics cable leading to my apartment building. People living in small distant villages have more limited choice, but they still can get ADSL for some 10Euro/month for uncapped contract, plus satellite package for TV for some 10Euro/month for about 100 channels.

Comment I was very excited when they became available here (Score 2) 191

I have immediately subscribed when they became available here in my European country. During the first month I have seen all programs from their very limited list that I am interested in.
Then I have canceled. There are lots of other programs in their worldwide catalog that I would like to see and that I am willing to pay for. See, I am not interested in most of contemporary movies or series. I was interested in documentaries. Sadly, those are not available here.
I am not going subscribe until there are enough programs for me to watch for at least a month.

In the meanwhile I got motivated to have a look at the cable selection I am subscribed to. I have made some changes and I am happy. I am not interested in paying for History Chanel and similar channels that used to have quality programming and that feature mainly reality shows nowadays.

Comment Re:It's a wider issue (Score 1) 85

There are other manufacturers that make devices that are much more configurable, such as above-mantioned Kobo. There are even Android based E-ink readers, even with Google Play enabled by default. No rooting necessary.
I personally find PocketBook devices to be the most configurable non-Android based devices. You can even install third party apps, such as Gvim editor, terminal emulator or sftp server.

Comment Re:update? (Score 1) 85

Why on earth would one ever apply an update to the reader?
You have no option other than disabling the WiFi or filling the flash memory completely with content so that there is no space for Kindle to download the update to. If you disable the WiFi you have to side-load all your purchases using USB cable The last update - the one with the new certs for connecting to the Amazon servers is only a few kilobytes.

Comment Re:Fbreader. (Score 1) 156

There are e-ink devices that run FBReader.
A few of those need rooting - usually the ones that are based on Android. Please note that there are Android based e-ink devices that have google play store or at least can use side-loaded apk without rooting.
At least one e-ink device manufacturer - PocketBook - provides FBReader as the main reading app. It also supports installation of third-party apps, including Coolreader. PocketBook can use any font you copy to device with fine-grained settings of size, margins, line-spacing, justification, content of the status line. It also supports large number of other configuration options, "screensavers" (pictures displayed then the device is switched off), user dictionaries (the manufacturer provides [unofficial] windows application for generating dictionaries), third-party apps (the manufacturer provides [unofficial] SDK) so you even have a linux console of full-blown Vim [on older version of firmware]. No hacking or rooting needed to make changes.

The most recent generation of firmware is screwed-up compared with the legendary firmware from two generations of PocketBook devices ago. But even this slightly screwed-up firmware 5.xy is vastly more configurable than other main-stream devices, such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook ...

PocketBook is the most popular device that is sold in brick-and-mortar stores here in Europe. Nobody except Amazon high ranking executives knows how many Kindles they sell here.

If you are stuck with Kindle or other device, you can always liberate the DRM-ed content, just search for apprentice Alf. From this liberated e-book you can generate pdf file with page-size of your e-ink display and any fancy typographical formatting you wish.

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