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Comment Re:Maybe a BIT sensationalistic... (Score 1) 250

For some reason this topic has built up an epic level of FUD.

Their system was designed to be used in response to DMCA notices. Dropbox would get a takedown notice, they'd flag the file to be removed, and an e-mail would be sent to the uploader of the file informing them of the DMCA notice.

In this case, a dropbox guy used the tool without realising that the last step was automated. There was never any DMCA notice generated, just a DMCA notice notice.

Comment Good. (Score 1) 705

As someone living in KY I *already* have to pay sales tax on Amazon purchases -- they have several warehouses here. If you're for the elimination of all sales tax, ok, that's a consistent POV. But I don't think there's any reason to treat internet sales any differently than in-store.

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