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Comment Re:That is correct (Score 1) 112

... there are some things that are simply not possible in this universe no matter how many tweaks and improvements you try to make. Self-aware sentient AI is one, small portal Mr. Fusion type reactor that gives useful net surplus energy is probably another.

We do already have a "proof of concept" in that in the universe we have self-aware sentient entities consuming only 100 W and massing (very roughly) ~100 kg (i.e. us).
On the other hand, we know of no natural fusion reactors producing significant energy that mass less than about 1/10 of a solar mass.

Comment Re:Rather low bar (Score 1) 253

Well, more accurately, perhaps the experiment hasn't been running long enough to even see if extended longevity kicked in. The animals don't actually need to die for the experiment to demonstrate life extension.)

To quantify longevity median lifetime is often used, so to get that value you need half of your mice to die. But of course you can still get a lower bound on it before then.

I'm wondering if there are models and estimates for life expectancy in a forward-looking way, perhaps with alternative scenarios for future medical advances.

"The Lee–Carter model is a numerical algorithm used in mortality forecasting and life expectancy forecasting. The input to the model is a matrix of age specific mortality rates ordered monotonically by time, usually with ages in columns and years in rows. The output is another forecasted matrix of mortality rates."

Comment Re:Rather low bar (Score 5, Informative) 253

Genetic disorder mitigated by genetic manipulation. Yes?

Instead of progeria-afflicted mice, why not attempt the technique on otherwise healthy mice? If that can be made to result in a 30% lifespan extension, that would be notable.

"The team also saw improved organ health in normal mice but, because the mice are still living, could not yet say if longevity was extended."

Comment Re: Linux router (Score 2) 137

Better yet, I'd just say that it's your duty to use an ad blocker, mich like it was to use antivirus software in the past.

The trouble is that more and more sites are now not allowing you to access them without turning off your ad-blocker.
So far I've been avoiding those sites, but if the trend continues I might have to do so for at least some sites...

Comment Re:put staff out of work (Score 1) 58

As the child of somebody who spent her last few years in a nursing home, I think that having as many machines helping out as possible would be wonderful.
My mother was disabled, but still very sharp mentally.
She needed help to be able to use the toilet, get washed, have food provided for her, etc.
Although the staff were basically OK, the number of staff wasn't that high and so she sometimes had to wait a considerable amount of time for a staff
member to respond to her buzzer requesting help. (Particularly with other residents requesting help at the same time.)
In addition, having a machine helping you rather than a person can help maintain a little bit more dignity.
In principle, that would help free up staff for those cases where human attention is really required.
And hopefully could enable people to remain in their own homes for longer.

Or at least that would be the ideal...

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 472

Right. And that could come in the form of a special tariff. I'm told the cost to make an iPhone is around $178. So add a $178 tariff to each one, and it makes the choice very easy for Apple. They can either start making them in the US, providing jobs to Americans

And the Japanese government should charge Toyota several thousand dollars for each car that Toyota makes in the US or other foreign (non-Japan) countries rather than making them in Japan, providing jobs to Japanese workers?

Comment Re:Apple has lost its Mojo (Score 1) 478

Also the airfair from a decent american destination can hardly be over $500 per person.

More like generally around (or over) $1000 with major airlines.
I've been going twice a year - in summer and over the winter holiday season - for the last several years as my French girlfriend spends those times of the year back
over in France.
The cheapest ticket I've managed to get in the summer was ~$800 with Wow airlines, after including extra baggage charges and seat reservation fees etc.

How often do you fly to France?

Comment Re:Self Driving and BMW drivers (Score 2) 254

I think for a looong time people who own Self Driving Cars will be viewed with the same scorn and derision from which BMW drivers suffer, as those owners act with the same arrogance and assumed privilege with which BMW drivers act.

Except my understanding is that self-driving cars will actually use turn signals...

Comment Re:Oh, Democracy... (Score 5, Informative) 332

The majority of studies show that accident rates go up, not down, when red-light cameras are put in place.

Accident rates may go up (or stay the same) but death rates go down.
The increase in accidents is less dangerous relatively slow speed rear end collisions, while
side on higher speed, and so more deadly, rates go down.

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