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Comment Re:There's some karma for you, Mikey (Score 1) 404

This has no logical merit. Paying for something has no inherent quality of making it more secure. If this were true then all MS products would be secure since we pay tons of money for them. If there were anything to make an issue about here it would be PSN not being forthcoming with information about what is going on and what it is doing to fix and prevent.

Comment Re:The government can't do anything right? (Score 1) 260

I just want to comment to the 'utopia' comment since this seems to be a common accusation at libertarians and confusion.

Unlike other political philosophies which change with the times, Libertarianism isn't about making a promise of utopia. I have never heard a Libertarian promise this.

Libertarianism is about freedom and non aggression. It is up to each individual to work towards their idea of utopia.

So please carry on with your reductio ad absurdum but can we stop saying 'libertarian utopia' since that is not anything that libertarians make claim to? One mans utopia is another mans hell.

Comment Re:The government can't do anything right? (Score 1) 260

And insinuating that it is the best and that it is the only one that can do these things is better?

This is a straw man argument.

If you want to get into the question about government power then start with the question: what is the government supposed to be doing and not what is it doing in spite of not having authority.

Dept of Energy doesn't give out monopolies although it does heavily regulate. The company actually generating the power is a private company usually for profit. FCC does not regulate channel content as implied. More appropriately it would be better to point out regulation of frequencies. The regulation implied here is censorship which is very much something the FCC should not be doing. National Weather Service / NOAA would exist in some form without the government. There are private weathermen! Private firms design and build satellites usually and are launched by NASA due to government regulation of space flight. Private companies have interest in satellites. Implying there would be no helpful satellites now without these organizations is absurd.

USDA has helped aggri-businness corps more than its original intent of crop variety. We still have food problems with this in place. They usually come in after a problem is happened even though most people assume there are inspectors everywhere checking out everything to protect us. FDA holds back and keep drugs from being more beneficial by creating cost hurdles for companies. There are drugs out there that have known beneficial effects for diseases they were not designed for. Due to cost hurdles and regulation by the FDA people do not have access to them as they should. It has created an environment in which giant drug companies produce tailored drugs by playing politics instead of allowing good research. Safety has lost way to control and power. And the FDA certainly has no power when congress writes stupid policies that increase the price of corn and waste resources.

Is the US a sovereign nation when we have sold so much debt to China. A communist nation that 50 years ago we were putting people on trial just for the thought of being associated with? Invasions and the break down of counties happen in more ways than foreign troops on our soil. The 'tireless vigilance' of the armed forces is being wasted on undeclared wars for personal policies of the republican and democrat parties. We are dumping money and lives into things that hurt our country in the long term. We are wasting our volunteer military on politics and special interest gain. We still cannot learn the lessons from the mistakes that have been happening for decades.

Clean water is provided by private businesses in some municipalities. Again, the implication that government is the only one that can do this and is best is absurd. And now we can't keep time without the government? You also get in an automobile that you assume is better because of the increase cost burden put on manufacturers from regulation but you have never actually bothered to look into it. I am pretty sure all those families and helicopter mothers would put enough pressure on automobile makers to build safer cars if the industry wasn't regulated. Where I live the federal government hands transportation money down to the state and it gets diverted to other programs or misused. TXDoT is a corrupt and wasteful government organization that lost a billion dollars and uses taxpayer money to pay lobbyist to tell taxpayers that we need tollroads because they don't have the money anymore to pay for public roads. And then they want to sell them to private companies after the public money is used to back the bonds.

The EPA is an agency that has absolutely no teeth and is routinely ignored by politicians. The government itself is one of the largest polluters and rights itself exemptions. The Federal Reserve should not exist. It is complicit in helping the government carry so much debt. Its policies help inflation which is a hidden tax. The USPS is a monopoly that is having trouble paying for itself. It is inconvenient and slow. It delivers more spam to my government mailbox than actual mail because people are using it less and less except for bulk mailers. This is one of the constitutionally created government entities though. I just think they should remove the restrictions about letting only US postal carriers us the 'government' property mailboxes and delivering mail. Public schools are a failure. We have created a system that has no improved since the 1950s while doubling what we have spent on them. We have created dropout factories that have destroyed communities over decades and released ignorant students out into the world. Colleges are having to teach remedial courses for the students that are attending now.

NHTSA & DOT reduntant statement. Housing standards can exist without government. If someone is poor and can't afford living in a house that someone make some material 'code' in why not let them pick another material though? Codes and regulations are taxes on the poor too. Fire Marshalls only inspect places when they want to throw government weight around. Assuming government official do their job as routine instead of politics is absurd. Police do not proactively protect your house. What happens is they come to a crime after all your valuables have been plundered and write a report that will turn into a statistics. They estimate the value of the property and if it is under a certain value then your insurance from a private company is your only resort because the police will do nothing. If it is over a certain amount they will do a few checks and maybe look into it a little but most likely they are putting resources into crimes that generate money or make them look good like citations or drugs.

What is we had beautiful parks maintained by a private environmental organization that is driven by principle and not politics? us private environmental orgs. Some of these federal parks are just stealing land from the state.

Saying that what DARPA did and what the internet is today is just ignorant. The internet as it is simply would not exist without private business. Without DARPA something would have developed like the internet as well. Technological advancement is inevitable. You think we would all be sitting around stand alone systems without government?

Any time you take peoples' free will and resource away from them for 'public good' it is socialism. A free society does not make citizens show their papers. The SSN card was introduced as a promise that it would not be used like and ID card. Look how it is used today. Voluntary systems suddenly become involuntary once they are in place.

The government can do almost anything in some form although the 'rightness' of it is subjective. I am sure there were people proclaiming the 'rightness' of communist policies as millions of people died. The real question is not how effective government is at something but whether it should be doing it at all. There is one thing that the government is very good at, and in fact it is why we have government. That is the use of force. It is really the only power that government has. You cannot use force to heal someone, make their life better, or make them make good decisions. You can use for to protect life, liberty, property, and contracts though. Freedom is about not letting one entity impose its will upon another. You need an external force to stop this action. When the government becomes not a protector of liberty, but a tool used by one party to impose its will upon another then it is no longer a good government but a tyrannical one that is at the faddish whims of those who happen to be in power at the time.

So now that your straw man is dead can we get back to the point?

Comment Re:Newflash (Score 0) 892

I always hated that kind of statement even as a joke. I think Intelligence follows a bell type curve of some sort I am sure with the bulk of the at the tip being the majority of the population. I just think its goofy to say it that way.
bleh: (thought terminating cliche)

Comment Re:Think before you condemn (Score 1) 405

um no. all things are not equal. I do not spend that much time on slashdot and it is not COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN for me to go to the website. Its ok to take breaks and do something. It is not ok to circumvent rules that will get you fired to waste massive amounts of time doing something on property that does not belong to you. It is silly to compare reading a slashdot article to making porn dvds at work with a work computer.

Comment Re:Not to be a dick, but . . . (Score 1) 208

That is a thieves mentality. I am not arguing that thieves don't steal. I am arguing for them to stop hindering people that are perfectly willing to pay. I like purchasing movies and supporting stuff I like with my money. My money is a vote for the world I want. When I purchase movies and music then it is a vote for what I want to exist. So I pay and get what I want and you don't pay and have to deal with what I like.

Don't use DRM and and other mechanisms (outdated CD sales) to make stuff I want to purchase not easily to get. I buy my movies and mp3s as long as they are easy to buy. I watch most of my movies by 'renting' them on netflix. This is all legal and easy to get for me and doesn't cost much.

If you want to steal then go ahead. You will rationalize it no matter what happens. But, don't put a bunch of laws up that get in my way and don't affect you at all. Thieves steal and they always will. it is what they do. A reasonable education program (that doesn't treat people like pieces of crap) would do more than all the lawsuits that companies use.

I think 30 years from now there will still be 'big name' bands because that is how society works. The easy path is supporting a structure that feeds people stuff to consume. There are already 'small and free' bands out there for people that want to look for them. Infinite diversity with infinite combination. There is no 'one way'.

On a personal note, I do not make a lot of money. My media consumption is not very costly. I would suggest you stop consuming and focus on education if you are so poor that you have to steal stuff that is pretty cheap.

Comment Re:Not to be a dick, but . . . (Score 2, Insightful) 208

It doesn't matter what the court 'thinks'. The issue is (no matter how it is stated) that this is an attack on 3rd parties instead of the people 'responsible'. Either:
Go after distributors (insanely difficult = costly) which do something 'bad'
Go after the thieves (people at home = costly) which do something 'bad'
Go after the ISPs (easy to shut off the 'valve') which do absolutely nothing wrong.

I don't want to know what the court is a 'fan' of. This is in italy so they can set up whatever asinine freedom destroying laws they want, but its obviously idiotic to go after people and cost them money that have nothing to do with the problem.

I wish the commercial organization would realize people love to buy their products.... if only they would make it more easy to access.

Comment Re:Orders? (Score 1) 170

separation refers to the creation of law. Just because the house passes a bill it does not make it a law. The white house has the power to veto. If the white house signs this then it agrees to it. The executive can be overridden of course but that just means the senate and house believe the bill is to important for the executive to have judgement.

Comment Re:Send request for comment to all prior work refs (Score 1) 42

that puts to much burden on the public. If someone makes something and its been in common use for 20 years who is responsible for continuously monitoring the requests to make sure it isn't patented later when it makes no sense?

I think all that would really do it give companies a change to cause trouble.. the ones that can afford to anyway. Prior art does need to be researched more but this has more to with patent office having time to deal with stuff than competence.

Comment Re:Stop StifflingReal Innovations (Score 1) 42

I don't understand patenting software binaries in your post. Are you basically advocating copy writing? That would make more sense.

As for 2, I don't think that would be good because physical objects could be quite costly and some guy in a basement might have an innovative idea, but not have the resources to produce it. He needs the patent to protect his great idea (reward) while he can sell royalties for production or sell the patent.

I think with 3 you will just end up with company wars. All the companies that care will be the only ones watching for the patent scrutiny period and they will spend lots of money to debunk it while stealing the idea or trying to steal the patent. And the guy in his basement inventing something already pays a lot for a patent. I don't want to add the fear of getting sued to that.

One of the problems is the patent office makes money for the government. That money does not go into making the patent office better. Underpaid patent clerks learnt he system and get hired away for high salaries at companies to make patents which means you have new people at the patent office a lot and the senior people are overworked.

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