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Comment Streaming is Greater Than (Throttled)Mailed DVDs (Score 1) 418

More streaming is a better deal on Netflix than media because of the de facto limits they put on DVD by throttling. Netflix made the right deal, for me. It's nice to see the "classic" films on my queue come up with the blue "play" button.

So on the other hand I'm sure Netflix will get a lot of forgettable titles. Warner Bro.'s has put a lot of effort into digitizing their extensive library for archival purposes and therefore it won't be any skin off of WB's back to give them tons of crap nobody's really interested in.

Comment Re:The PS3's problem is lack of games. (Score 2, Interesting) 149

Agreed also true in the sense they could also bundle more games with it. For instance, I got my 40Gb with a $100 gift card to a large international retailer.

Off, the same games have higher scores for the 360 and average top 20 games are 2 percent better.

Generally, me thinks (and this is no secret) the developers just hate Sony and their hardware.

Comment Re:It was not the 70's. (Score 1) 599

Um...last time I checked my most of my peers in my department were foreign born and depending on the list US universities dominate the top 25-100 spots. I have had professors from Bell, Watson and Ge labs and they are doing well in academia. I'd propose that PRIVATE labs could not compete with the OPENNESS of academic institutions when it comes to basic research and early development.

Talk to some people in academia about their views of the efficiencies of pseudo-government labs like Sandia (Lockheed) or Oak Ridge. The simple fact is that you could have a graduate student do as half as good of a job as a trained technician for a quarter of the money. Plus they don't have to conform to OSHA standards.

Comment Most power is not used in LCDs.... (Score 2, Insightful) 78

Looking at power consumption of LCD's by laptops as percentage of total power consumption it isn't much for most modern laptops (5-0.5 watts versus 50-20 whats for a system under moderate load) and its going down on average with LED backlights becoming more common. It Using this sort of black and white only mode only really makes sense for ultra low power system.

That being said, it would be killer on a laptop with an embedded SplashTop.

Comment Media Lifetime is important too! (Score 4, Informative) 370

If you look at all the projected lifetimes of Fe-LiNiO3 devices, which I guess is they system they are talking about in their glorified press releases, they are supposed to be around 100 years at operating temperatures! Compare that to the 30 some years of DVD-R media!

Though it still isn't as good as some chalcogenide based phase change materials which are predicted to last for 100's of years, it is important step in keeping our data around.

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