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Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

When you fail to obey a police officer and they have to use force, you can't cry assault anymore unless its over the top. Considering the cramped space in an aircraft, I'm not surprised by in the injuries at all, depending on how much child the pax was channeling.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

Well... it depends. They crunch the numbers on how many people cancel or rebook and then allow overbooking from there. I've seen flights overbooked a month out at 33% because there is a high no-show rate on the flight. This is for a 747. However, closer to the date, they either decrease overbooking authorization or disallow it completely, letting the cancels/rebooks fall off.

Comment Re: Sounds like you're the problem (Score 1) 262

Well, Zuck owned the company. If Zuck wanted to go poof in 2005, he could have. He made that choice. This discussion is about the hundreds of thousands of workers that are managed by companies that are only interested in getting as much work out of you and then tossing you aside. If I owned a sizeable stake in the company I work for, you could make a solid bet that I would be working a little bit harder to make that company move forward. Alas, I am just a dumb employee that should be grateful to be employed and could be replaced at any second.

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