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Comment Re: Cogent is shit (Score 2) 186

Well.. you know how we fix that? L3, cogent, cox... etc... nullroute,, When they come screaming just point to the FCC chair and say "Hey, they just dismantled the rules that forbid us from doing that" oh... wait... that would require an ISP to be for the free movement of information, not for the sole purpose of squeezing cash out of consumers.

Comment Re: I thought not all US carriers use LTE (Score 1) 105

Not exactly. In my area there is one area that always drops calls along a state highway, no matter who you were with. VZW, US Cellular, AT&T, Nextel. Still happens to this day. It's purely a cost limitation. They COULD put a tower there, but it would be not worth it for the 1/2 mile that the signal dies for in the middle of nowhere.

Comment Re:Probably should have charged more (Score 1) 141

They have their manual backups. The problems lie in whether to start using the manual backups or just wait it out. Given a severe enough incident, they would start scribbling stuff on pencil and paper. It would just take forever and cancel about 70% of the flights because they couldn't handle the volume manually.

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