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Comment ad piece to get the brand in your head b4 xmas dpt (Score 1) 72

What a waste of time.

DL has had this for YEARS. Just because you as a consumer didn't see it, didn't meant that it wasn't in the backend. Even today, there is tons of information that you as the customer cannot see. Back in 2013? They added baggage tracking to the app, but it didn't show it on a PRETTY PICTURE!!"

You won't be able to see when they store it in cold storage. You won't see which sort belt it went thru. You won't see what TSA belt it rode on. You won't see when it gets reticketed because you got changed.

That's all stuff we could see back in 2012... with bar codes and batch scanners.

This article is a puff piece right before the peak traveling season of the year... to get the brand in your head. RFID was being installed and used in the system a year ago. When I quit, we already had the RFID printers and scanners. They upgraded our hand scanners to cellular scanners (still just using the bar code, not the RFID).. and that's it.

This article should be titled "Delta invests in technology on the backend so that they dont lose your bags nearly as much". Doesn't sound as titillating as "YOU CAN TRACK IT REAL TIME (even though you could years ago) on APPY APP!!!"

Comment Re:New Thinking (Score 1) 260

Have you ever worked at an airport? It sure doesn't sound like it.

Couple quick points:

Half hour has to be the cut-off for checkin... so you need to be there sooner to make sure you are checked in prior to cut-off. You need to start boarding the aircraft at 30 prior.

What good are random terminal security checks when Bob can put his bomb in his luggage and carry the trigger in his cellphone?

Also, FAMs do not prevent bombings if suicide is just the only goal. FAMs can make sure the flight deck is safe but if Jihad Johnny sets himself off in 30C... aint much a FAM will do.

Now, I'm with you. The TSA is worthless. Unfortunately, your ideas are not based in reality.

Comment Re:No suprise (Score 1) 231

mindless bitching like that is one of the reasons why we as Americans can't get anything done. You can't make changes unless you vote. If you vote for another person, you are attempting to vote the incumbent out.

Now, what do you suggest? We have to get Citizens United overturned first... but we need to shake them up to make them scared, which requires people to show up at the polls. Getting more than 40% of voters to show up during a non-presidential year would be a start.

Comment Re:Reminds me of this car I sold. (Score 1) 271

You're right but we're talking about the general public here. You have to spell things out right in front of their noses. It also protects you against the ticket traceback.

Easier to point out that their going to lose because they agreed to it on a piece of paper vs agreeing verbally, and then arguging it in court. People on the dole (around here, at least) can get small claims fees waived. So they got nothing better to do than to collect SSDI and sue people, even if they will lose.

Comment Re:No suprise (Score 3, Interesting) 231

The better way is to make the politicians fear the public again. Start voting out the idiots in office. Show them that if you screw up and start favoring the corps, you're history.

However, with American complacency at its highest ever (probably), they don't have anything to fear. Keep giving them their XBone, Netflix, Food Stamps, and Social Security and all your little servants will be content. Feed them useless entertainment news about Bieber and the latest outrage about some LGBT bathroom scandal, and by the time they drop the news that they are bending you regarding your rights, you're too tired to fight it because you've been arguing about if a naturally born male should be allowed in a female bathroom.

To back up mjm, guns brings out bigger guns. If you haven't noticed, Police departments have ex-military vehicles now. They can withstand a revolution better than you or I can. They have the armor to defend themselves.

Start getting pissed off and vote your congresscritters out. Then you may watch them start listening again.

Comment Re:Reminds me of this car I sold. (Score 1) 271

Whenever I sell a car, a bog standard bill of sale comes with it. Don't want to sign? You're not getting it.

It just basically states my name, their name, make/model/year/vin, AS-IS, no warranty, buyer beware, date, and signatures. Not to be a douche, but to protect my rear in case they don't register it and then do something bad (crash/tickets/etc).

Comment Re:Freedom Comes with a Price Tag (Score 1) 144

Really? the landline phone was more secure than the web. Going back a few decades, the only way you'd be able to snoop a phone conversation was to be a party to the conversation, work for the company (ie quality control supervisor), work for the phone company, or be hiding by the green tree and randomly changing phone pairs till you find an active line to a shopping network AND waste the time during the shopping and payment process. Rinse, repeat, you might get 3-10 cards for 8 hours of snooping.

Compared that to malicious programming or packet sniffing and getting tens, if not hundreds of credit cards in the same amount of time that it took you to get one via hard line.

Now with VoIP, voice can be packet sniffed the same as the web, but it still takes someone (or some really good voice transcription software) to sift through all that audio.

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