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Comment Re: Cogent is shit (Score 2) 186

Well.. you know how we fix that? L3, cogent, cox... etc... nullroute,, When they come screaming just point to the FCC chair and say "Hey, they just dismantled the rules that forbid us from doing that" oh... wait... that would require an ISP to be for the free movement of information, not for the sole purpose of squeezing cash out of consumers.

Comment Re: I thought not all US carriers use LTE (Score 1) 105

Not exactly. In my area there is one area that always drops calls along a state highway, no matter who you were with. VZW, US Cellular, AT&T, Nextel. Still happens to this day. It's purely a cost limitation. They COULD put a tower there, but it would be not worth it for the 1/2 mile that the signal dies for in the middle of nowhere.

Comment Re:Probably should have charged more (Score 1) 141

They have their manual backups. The problems lie in whether to start using the manual backups or just wait it out. Given a severe enough incident, they would start scribbling stuff on pencil and paper. It would just take forever and cancel about 70% of the flights because they couldn't handle the volume manually.

Comment Re: Conclusion: (Score 1) 375

I would love to see all the rural inhabitants refuse to sell or transport anything to the cities. Let's see who 'foots the bill' then.

*click* Oops, your powers off.
*click* Oops, your cell phone doesn't work too.
*click* oh, shit, you cant get gas now because you started a pissing match with the local oil refinery in the city.
*click* Oh, that place you banked with just decided not to deal with you or your little farmers credit union that was using them as a clearinghouse.

The city provides for the rural and the rural provides for the city. It's a symbiotic relationship.

For the record, I grew up in the rural farmland... moved into the city because it made sense when fuel prices spiked.

Comment Re:I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 4, Insightful) 376

I think what the science and tech community is complaining about is feature creep. I don't need my toaster to have bluetooth to tell me the toast is done. I need the toaster to last a year or three.

I don't want a fridge that can phone home to the masters and have them pester me about a 'service tech' should come out and vacuum the coils. I can do that myself.

Just because we can put a wifi card in it doesn't mean we should. If you really wanted to make sure your fridge was at a safe temp... you can do that already with an Arduino and a sensor. No vendor lock-in... no calling home to daddy corporation with your personal habits (shopping and usage).

Give me an appliance that are built to last for at least a decade.... and I'll start letting you throw Wifi in it.

Comment Re:Make it cheaper (Score 1) 218

They should have kept the format, changed names were required, and carried on.

That's what they are doing. Instead of the quiet Stig, its the loudmouth american. Instead of the studio, they have the tent. Instead of SIARPC, they have "Celeb Mind Whatevertheheck"... instead of "The News" they have "Conversation Street". It's changed enough(according to the lawyers) so that the BBC can't go after them.

I would go so far as to say, they'd do a complete exact copy of the show if they could get away with it... but this is what we are stuck with for now.

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