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Comment I thought I liked Ubuntu (Score 1) 685

I used Ubuntu off and on for years. It was my main introduction to Linux. I thought I liked Ubuntu. But then I found out that I really liked Debian, and eventually grew to dislike the extra crap Ubuntu added to it. I have Debian stable on my laptop, which still uses Gnome 2. There is also Crunchbang (!#), which is basically just Debian packaged with eitehr Xfce or Openbox, plus a few tweaks. No GUI heavy nonsense. I have that on my desktop.

Comment Just the port, or the actual signal? (Score 1) 356

I glossed over TFA, and it only looks like they are talking about the ports themselves. Most DVI output I've seen is DVI-I, which includes the analogue D-SUB signal anyways, so D-SUB over a VGA connector is still only $1 away if you really need it.

Comment I'm a UCF student (Score 1) 693

There are disciplinary measures. They're mentioned on every syllabus. But I've never cheated and I don't know anyone who has. But then again I'm an engineering and CS student. The big stink about this story, which the summary of TFA fails to explain: this was the capstone business course. The fallout from this is really putting the business school in a bad light. But of course, our EECS department is just fine. :D

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