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Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

No, apparently you are incapable of admitting when you are wrong.

Why aren't you raging about the airline industry calling their system "auto-pilot" when it is far less capable in terms of maneuvering in comparison to Tesla's?

You said the airline industry not a simple attitude hold system in a Cessna but the airline industry. My answers are directly on topic of what YOU said. Now move on you've lost this argument.

Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

And if a system that does little more than keep your plane steered in one direction while keeping altitude can hold the name

I think you missed it. Many of the autopilots systems even in small aircraft are fully capable of navigating the aircraft. Not just flying in a straight line and alt hold but maneuvering the aircraft from waypoint to waypoint. Modern flight director controlled autopilots fly the airplane not just keep the wings level. The 777 Rockwell autopilot is an example of a extremely capable autopilot system can take off the aircraft, fly it to its destination and LAND IT!

Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

Why aren't you raging about the airline industry calling their system "auto-pilot"

Because it's not about the smallest system it's about that capabilities of the equipment the airline industry uses. Not a Piper Cub. But FYI, the Garmn FDS that fits in a Mooney can auto navigate the aircraft. The Tesla system can steer a car.

Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 108

Umm What? I'd say, for example, the 777 flight director autopilot is a tad more capable than Tesla's System.

From AFDS-770 Autopilot Flight Director System Put the proven standard autopilot flight director system of the Boeing 777 to work for you. The Rockwell Collins AFDS-770 incorporates technology advancements consistent with Boeingâ(TM)s state-of-the-art design objectives. So you can trust it fully digital, fail operational autopilot, flight director and fly-by-wire backdrive system. The triplex system provides multichannel cruise autopilot and flight director control functions for speed selection, altitude modes, heading/track modes, vertical speed/flight path angle modes, vertical/lateral flight management control selection, and fully automatic landing and go-around modes. The AFDS-770 also provides for backdrive of the captain's and first officer's control columns and control wheels during all phases of the flight envelope, and will also backdrive the rudder pedals during autoland and go-around. The backdrive system provides traditional wheel, column and pedal feedback for the 777 fly-by-wire system under autopilot control.

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