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Comment Re:BAN plastic bag! *twitch* (Score 1) 120

5 cents is a deal. Here we're charging 10 cents but that's not the reason I write.

I went into a Vons here awhile back with my nice canvas bags. I had the bags in my cart and turned to grab something. When I turned back around maybe a few seconds later someone had stolen my canvas bags!

When I thought about it I figured out that each bag cost be $7.50 (they ARE nice bags). Given that, I use maybe two bags per trip to the store and do that twice a week. So, 0.10*2*2*4 = $1.60/month. So in replacing my bags that were stolen it points out either I better buy cheaper canvas bags or simply buy the plastic ones. I'm loosing money here hand over fist!

It did eventually dawn on me to use those cheapo carabiners to clip my bags to the cart :P

Comment Re:no solution is perfect, so why even try to impr (Score 1) 423

your argument is stupid and lazy.

No actually it's not, well at least not entirely. The answer is zero emission vehicles (electric cars) are best suited to the west whereas gas powered cars are more suited to the east. This is due (see the article) by more states in the east relying on coal fired electric plants:


The data is 2014 so it's not that stale. I think the takeaway is that just because it's a zero emission vehicle is does not follow that it'll have a better impact on the environment. But you can read the article.

Comment Well I outsmarted them this time! (Score 1) 28

This happened to me. But after a few panicked moments I remembered. I wrote my password on a postIt! Glory be I was saved. Now your all gonna tell me how I shouldn't write my passwords on PostIts! In my defense, I did put the posit under the mouse pad on my gaming system. I should not have told you that....

Comment Re:Scary ... (Score 1) 228

One nice thing is it's impossible to lock the fob in the trunk of my BMW. One day I kept closing the trunk and and the car kept opening it right back up. I was about to start swearing at the car when it occurred to me to check by briefcase. Behold, there was my fob.

If there was a app for biometric security here it is. Wireless fob paired with the owners thumb print. Of course we could just drop our fobs into a metal card file box and close the lid. Shields the RF and makes it harder to loose the fob (don't move the box)!

Comment All are welcome! (Score 1) 1011

You know the Church of the FSM has never had a nasty or negative event attributed to it (save a mess in the kitchen). Everyone should convert. All you need to do it boil the spaghetti for about 4 mins and cover with your favorite sauce. You can even make you own sauce from scratch if you'd like! Heck make your noodle from scratch too. That's the one of the nice things about the Church of the FSM anything goes, but you have to be nice!


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