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Comment Re:Coming soon (Score 3, Interesting) 39

I am not on this study but it is a close colleague of mine (in the same lab) that has made the TSLP trap. It is NOT an antibody. Basically, he fused the extracellular parts of the receptor and the co-receptor into a single fusion protein, which binds TSLP very efficiently and does not release it for a very long time. This recombinant protein can be produced in large quantities, so the production costs will especially depend on the manufacturing standards for biologicals The "golden standard" benchmark that they compare their fusion protein TSLP trap with is an antibody though.

Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 1) 169

There is no good enough DNA to do a cloning of an original mammoth - and also if we did, it would not have any mates. The best chance is to identify the critical genetic variants that made the mammoth adapted to its niche, insert those in elephant. This mutated / genetically engineered elephant would fill the same function and "walk and talk" like the original mammoth - but with the advantage that one can breed with elephants to make more of them. People may think that this is a bit of a strange effort - to de-extinct mammoths, but in fact it might actually make a huge ecological service since a lot of species originally evolved under the pressure of mammoth and other megafauna herbivory. Re-wilding (like how re-introduction of wolves could stop erosion in an American national park) is actually a pretty cool trend.

Comment Re:Downgrading to Windows 7 (Score 1) 280

One of my major issues with Windows is the constant reboots for updates and a very slow shut down / start up when updates are being applied. It has happened several times for my colleagues (on Win7) that their presentations were interrupted by a forced update that could not be cancelled. Why can't updates in Windows be as smooth and easy as in Linux? Stuff can be updated in the background, not extra configurations / applications of updates during start up or shut down. Disclaimer: I manage my own work computer running Linux (Arch). A bit more of an administrative burden to make sure that stuff works with the work infrastructure but worth it.

Comment Re:A minor ephiphany (Score 2) 349

Since I am in biomedical sciences I probably can answer this : most are pretty computer illiterate and actually use MS Office for everything. Entering large data-sets in the spreadsheet is done by copy-paste and not by fancy scripts. In my lab, I am the only linux user, which sort of makes me have to resort to LibreOffice/Zotero for collaborative writing instead of doing LaTeX.

Comment split geoblocking and localization (Score 1) 191

I use a Swedish VPN simply so that my kids can watch cartoons on Netflix in Swedish. The content is not much different between Belgium and Sweden on Netflix, so I am basically doing it for the language option. If there was a way to split contract-obliged geoblocking and localization that should definitely be done!

Comment in vitro breeding (livestock, pets, conservation) (Score 1) 158

This is very cool and could potentially be extremely useful in animal breeding for livestock, pets or conservation biology. Basically, differentiate stem cells into eggs and sperm, cross, differentiate the new stem cells and repeat. A cool thing in animal breeding is that this could overcome species barriers, so traits could be introgressed by crossing species where the first generation offspring normally would have been sterile.

Comment Apache Harmony (Score 4, Informative) 215

They never used Oracle/Sun Java but Apache Harmony due to the " no GPL in userspace" rule in Android. My guess is that this has nothing to do with Oracle and everything to do with that Apache harmony isdead and it is annoying to maintain a fork. Using OpenJDK could increase quality and security thanks to more eyeballs.

Comment Win16 support in Wine (Score 1) 406

I have found and reported a few bugs blocking some Win16 applications to run under Wine. It is ofcourse more difficult for developers to adress those issues nowadays, but on the other hand is the OS much smaller than the current versions so a 100% re-implementation should be possible. I think it would be great if some more effort would be put into the Win16 compatibility of Wine. At work, we had some fully working machines where the controlling software was built for Win16, and when the machines had to be replaced by Win95/98/XP machines it all became completely unreliable (crashes claiming "not enough memory"). It is sad when very expensive and fully functional machinery (in this case a CytoFluor 4000) gets unusable because of something stupid like that.

Comment "anykernel"-style portable drivers? (Score 5, Interesting) 383

What do you think about the "anykernel" concept (invented by another Finn btw) used in NetBSD? Basically, they have modularized the code so that a driver can be built either in a monolithic kernel or for user space without source code changes ( rumpkernel.org ). The drivers are highly portable and used in Genode os (L4 type kernels), minix etc... Would this be possible or desirable for Linux? Apparently there is one attempt called "libos"...

Comment Re: What alternative ROM would you recommend? (Score 1) 179

I am curious to know if Replicant works with the latest kernel. One reason as far as I have understood it with the "old" kernels also on the latest ROMs is for compatibility with blob Android drivers. If Replicant does not have those, it should be possible to already run linux 4.0 on it?

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