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Comment Giant Faraday cages (Score 1) 870

Maybe it'd be worth bringing this suggestion up to your employer, but I could see a value in making testing rooms that are effectively giant Faraday cages. It certainly wouldn't help against peer to peer network capable devices but it'd go a long way toward blocking cell/wifi. It's not like it's hard or expensive to construct a room in such a way to block such signals.

Comment An alternate suggestion (Score 1) 837

Instead, perhaps you could suggest beanies with attached propellers. People could choose a particular beanie style (rainbow, striped, solid or camo) that fits them best. I'm guessing that this is the way your management would like IT to "stand out".

Comment Jason Scott is fueled by your tears (Score 1) 888

I suppose it never occurred to you that all of those warnings people gave you about your actions following you for the rest of your life were accurate? I am in nearly the exact same situation as you except that I am lucky enough to have never had my real name associated with my alias at the time. However, I did not avoid a criminal record as you obviously did. I'm pretty sure you knew exactly what you were doing at the time and that there were possible repercussions for your actions. Now, part of being an adult is living with the life you've made for yourself.

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