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Comment Can't wait for the real Cost Savings (Score 1) 145

It is nice and all to keep me from spending $100 every 2-3 years on a new OS. But that's not where the money is. Active Directory and Client Access Licenses are the money makers. Too much money. When ReactOS performs in the server space, then my pants will get tight over the new version.

Comment Smaller and more personal, NOT BIGGER (Score 1) 67

Problem: I have a crick in my neck from craning to see a single screen of any size in conference rooms, people turning the resolution down to 800x600 to get the fonts bigger for people in the back, and the constant projector focusing.

I want a solution using cheap (~$60) personal tablets that interconnect and share a single screen from a presentation PC. Yet I cannot find this that integrates well with Windows applications. 15 Chinese androids and one presenter laptop. Why is this so hard?

No, let's build on the broken model of everyone sharing a single huge expensive device.

Comment Re:The downside of this (Score 1) 189

The assumption in all this is that twitter is ISIS' command and control center. It's not. Any direction provided by twitter most likely requires confirmation and attendance in a training facility before deployment.

To discount an enemies intelligence is a fatal position to take.

Anonymous did the the best they could do. Embarrass them and make them look incompetent. Stone age treatment for stone age ideas.

Comment Re:All On-Premise Equipment Should Be Purchasable (Score 1) 75

Yeah, I tried that. Verizon prices their DVR at $20 per month rental (California). TiVo DVR = ~$99 plus $15 monthly fee (For what, I don't know) + $5 month CableCard from Verizon.

Coincidence that both = $20 per month? I think not.

Just cut the cord, buy an OTA DVR for $50 and subscribe to Netflix or Hulu for the rest. Sorry about Walking Dead, but you will be a season behind.

Comment Re: Keep 'em coming! (Score 1) 179

".. gimmicky OS's..."

By that I'm assuming you mean anything created after Windows 7. So let's look at the gimmicks. A new Start Screen and Metro Apps.

Let's address that new Start Screen. Yes, for the cumulative 5 minutes a day I spend on the start screen, I am really annoyed. I either see what I want and click it, or I start typing and locate the function / app I need in less than 2 seconds. Yes, this is a bother in contrast to the Windows 7 start screen where I pressed the Win key, clicked on what I wanted as a smaller icon or started typing to initiate a search or navigated a mess of hierarchical menus. Which is much more inconvenient than Windows XP where you hit the Win key and then had to navigate a mess of hierarchical menus.

Now for the Metro apps. Full screen apps suck, granted. I really want to be able to focus on more than one application on my screen at a time. I have dual monitors, so less of an issue for me. But the majority of Metro apps are trash anyway. Office, Internet Explorer, etc... are desktop apps. In any case, Metro apps do support splitting a screen. And again, these are apps that did not exist in Win 7, so take them or leave them.

Disclaimer: I run Linux on all my home and on any other computer I have the option to run it. The game selection is poor and the graphics perform worse than if I just shelled out the $99 for Windows. But I am a idealistic SOB and will always support public domain/opensource and "Go Bernie". At work, I use MS products and will migrate anything to the MS platform when possible. I could go the other way in my work environment, but then who the hell would my boss call when it all went to shit?

Comment Re:Oh, just great.... (Score 1) 244

"...still Hollywood's wet dream of never letting you actually own any of your own content."

Refer to the license agreement. You never owned the content. You owned the rights to view the content. The only thing you owned is the shiny little spinney thing it came on.

This is why you are entitled (I'm not a lawyer) to view backups of the content in any form you choose. Arguably in a format less than or equal to that which you originally purchased. I don't see how the hell they can legally stop (Not a lawyer) you from creating or acquiring a backup of content you already have rights to watch.

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