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Comment Who carries the risk? (Score 3, Insightful) 168

It sounds like Uber charges an up front fixed price fee with a risk margin built in. If the driver takes less time then Uber keeps this margin, however if the driver takes longer is Uber out of pocket? If so this is pretty much like all fixed price work.

Uber could make or lose money on each job.

Comment Re:Slashdot is not far behind... (Score 2) 264

I'm from the early days (although I waiting a long time before I created an account) and also read it about once a week.

What's sad is I have not actually found a replacement, I haven't left because there is something better. I wonder if Slashdot's problem is simply that its time has passed. While the sense of community is now lacking, the stories are pretty much the same as always. The comments quality has dropped, simply due to the lack of volume resulting with less on the Right-Hand side of the bell-curve.

I'm not sure there is anything that can be done to reverse it, however I will keep checking in every week. Earlier this year I even dropped in on k5.

Comment Peace prize? (Score 1) 343

The key word here is "peace".

His releases about the Australian government spying on the Indonesian President has greatly raised tension between the nations and seen violent protests on the streets.

This is one (of several poorly timed events) that have caused Indonesia to deploy naval assets in the waters between Australia and themselves (again not the sole reason, but a contributing factor).

Give him a medal for something else but a peace prize? How exactly is he helping to bring peace to the world?

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 521

Not sure if you have heard of their gaming appliances.... the Xbox and KINECT.....

End of the day Microsoft have been late to market on some key trends (going back as far as missing the early internet days). However the speed they have been able to catch back up to the market has been astounding. I would include their dedicated gaming tech as an example of this. The question is can they continue to do this in the future?

There is also a lot of Apple comparisons in the comments, and it should be realised that while the Apple share price has grown, they came back from a fairly low base. Ten years ago it was concievable that they were going under.

Microsoft is still a reasonable stock to have in your portfolio, I just wouldn't have it as your only stock.

Comment My personal experience (Score 2) 106

OK... I've used this 6 times so far and everytime it has worked first time. I like it as a system (although it is confusing for elderly or tech illerate people). Basically you just have to print your own boarding card and then drop your bag on a conveyor belt.

Checking in with bags now takes 2-3 minutes. I am not sure why the jar in the test did not scan, but it was a pity it was done with one sample only (a small object). With a normal sized suit bag it has worked for me first time all 6 times I have tried and most importantly the luggage has been at the other end each time when I arrived.

Comment Re:and we should also... (Score 1) 515

I worked for a large department store in Australia. During training we were taught that of "shrinkage" (stock missing without a sale), the following was true:
- 20% was due to damage of goods
- 40% external theft
- 40% internal staff theft

Now that was stock and not cash from the tills, so if you add cash to the stock the parent might not be that far off. Plus this was in a large store where you where constantly surrounded by other people.


Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo? 418

danabnormal writes "Increasingly I'm being frustrated in my attempts to find a game I want to play. In an effort to catch up, I've been using my bog standard Dell laptop to dig out treasures I have missed, such as American McGee's Alice, Grim Fandango and Syberia. I don't often get the time to play games, so I like to have the opportunity to dip in and out of a title without feeling like I'm losing something by not playing it for periods of time. But when I find a title I like, I make the time. Heavy Rain is the last game that gripped me, that truly engaged me and made me want to complete it in a single sitting. I'm tired of the GTA formulas, bored of CoDs and don't have the reaction time to think on my feet for AOE III. Is it about time I tossed in the controller and resigned myself to the fact that the games I want only come out once in a blue moon? Or have I just not found that one great title that will open me up to a brand new genre? Lords of Ultima is going OK at the moment — is there anything of that ilk I've missed? What are your thoughts? Do you stick to a particular genre? Are you finding it harder, as you get more mature, to find something you want to play?"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Video Games Found To Enhance Visual Attention 79

donniebaseball23 writes "Reporting on new research from WIREs Cognitive Science, IndustryGamers writes: 'Action games like Call of Duty and Halo can enhance visual attention, the ability that helps us focus on relevant visual information. The mental mechanism allows people to select pertinent visual information and ignore irrelevant information. It suggests that action titles can be used to augment military training, educational tools, and correct visual deficits.' Shawn Green, co-author of the study, commented, 'At the core of these action video game-induced improvements appears to be a remarkable enhancement in the ability to flexibly and precisely control attention, a finding that could have a variety of real-world applications. For example, those in professions that demand "super-normal" visual attention, such as fighter pilots, would benefit enormously from enhanced visual attention, as their performance and lives depend on their ability to react quickly and accurately to primarily visual information."

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