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Journal Journal: Slashdot Experts Who Are Dead Wrong

I love experts. They are always so smug and certain of their knowledge. But they are frequently wrong, especially Slashdot experts. I thought I might like to keep a list of some of the bogus "expert" statements here, especially ones that stand unchallenged.


My buddy Evil_Bob on the Useless Junk forum, someone who knows what he's talking about and is not so careless with his facts, pointed out this first one to me:

The Goof: Expert talks about the LD50 level of Caffeine in humans

The Truth: 192 mg/kg is the LD50 level of caffeine in rats, not humans, a mistake that a real expert would never have made.

The Proof: The Material Safety Data Sheet for Caffeine


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Journal Journal: Humorous Sigs

Here are some of the sigs I have come across on Slashdot that I think are humourous, clever or cool (at least they struck me as such at the time):
NotQuiteReal -Help me take back Slashdot. When did 'News for Nerds' become 'FUD and Conspiracy Theories for Extremist Nutjobs'?
NotQuiteReal - Sig busy. Try again later.
ozmanjusri - Some people are like Slinkies
They bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

I'll add more later. Feel free to post others if you come across any. Be sure to give credit to the Slashdot user.

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