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Comment How did he do it. (Score 1) 631

All table saws come with safety devices. They are mandated by law. Every table saw MUST come with a saw guard and an anti kickback device. The saw guard alone should have either kept his hands away from the blade, or give him an indication that his hands are too close to the blade. If he would have read the instruction booklet, it would have given him plenty of safety info. I did not see anything in TFA that indicated if the safety devices were removed, a move that most woodworkers require every once in a while, but apparently he is the only person who was not aware that w razor sharp blade spinning at high RPM is dangerous.

Comment Re:The right decision is easy. (Score 1) 507

punishing a child for actions that apparently were exclusively done outside of school is *NOT* the job of teachers

Many teachers feel that they are nothing more than substitute parents during the school day, some it seems are taking the next logical step and becoming full time parents of their students.

Comment Re:Statistics (Score 1) 125

During the Korean war the only reason the 1st Marine Division survived and inevitably triumphed over the Chinese was because the US Army abandoned a ton of ordinance and weapons. All the US armed forces lose weapons and ordinance, in fact, recently, nuclear weapons were misplaced for a few hours .

Comment Re:Wait hold on mugger... (Score 4, Insightful) 457

All too common?? I think you have it fairly wrong. It is still not very common for a child to be killed by his own parents gun. Does that small number justify the expense of forcing every citizen to shell out 100X more for a weapon to defend themselves. Education is so much cheaper and way more effective.

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