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Comment Review the code all you like.... (Score 1) 130

...Interdiction is where it's at:

Or maybe use IPSec / SSH with DH Group 19 - that's not looking too clever either:

All in all, if your threat model includes the NSA then reviewing 30m LOC may seem like a good place to start but in practice.....

Comment Not sure how they get greater mass surveillance... (Score 2) 264

The Snowden revelations show that the UK snoop on its own citizens without any barrier. The RIP Act can be used to compel handing over of pass phrases with threat of 2 year prison sentence for failure to comply. Short of legislating against the use of crypto or allowing 'in camera' use of surveillance material its hard to imagine a what other powers the state are after.

Comment For people impacted by this issues (Score 3, Informative) 359

Comment Re:Score: -1, Flamebait (Score 5, Informative) 359

Mainstreaming reporting started in the last few days. The issue has been reported consistently for nearly a year. I and many other impact users have reported faults in stores, reported via Apple Product Feedback in forums and written to Tim Cook to complain. Not only do they ignore the issues reported on the forum but they also delete posts with links to online forums, news stories and petitions. Nice work Apple.....

Apple do little on the issue and offer you a (paid for) repair service to fix this systemic fault. The repair being a replacement board that many users report fails again anyway.

Comment Schneiers most recent comment.... (Score 4, Informative) 236

Bruce Schneier stated that "Breakthroughs in factoring have occurred regularly over the past several decades, allowing us to break ever-larger public keys. Much of the public-key cryptography we use today involves elliptic curves, something that is even more ripe for mathematical breakthroughs. It is not unreasonable to assume that the NSA has some techniques in this area that we in the academic world do not. Certainly the fact that the NSA is pushing elliptic-curve cryptography is some indication that it can break them more easily."

I'd not rush from DH to ECC but would strongly recommend a move to 2048-bit or above keys

And have just realised that I haven't posted to Slashdot for many years...And yet somehow my .sig is still relevant. NSA may have dropped their plans for mandatory Escrow 15 years ago after the quote was made...but they didn't change the fundamental goal: to read everything.


Submission + - Quantifying Recursion In Java 6

aahmad writes: "If you are like most developers, you believe that although recursive solutions to problems are elegant, they neither perform nor scale as well as their iterative cousins. In the expose, "Quantifying Recursion on the Java Platform", Amin Ahmad blows the pants off this fallacy: all other things being equal, recursive solutions run a factor of 2x-3x faster than iterative ones on Java 6.

That said, the article acknowledges that recursive solutions do not scale well which greatly limits their applicability. I'm curious to hear about other slashdotters experiences with recursion, in particular on the Java platform."

Microsoft Copies Idea, Admits It, Then Patents It 333

An anonymous reader writes "BlueJ is a popular academic IDE which lets students have a visual programming interface. Microsoft copied the design in their 'Object Test Bench' feature in Visual Studio 2005 and even admitted it. Now, a patent application has come to light which patents the very same feature, blatantly ignoring prior art."

Submission + - Intel confirms new details on Intel's "Penryn&

Marcus Yam writes: "DailyTech had the opportunity to chat with a couple of Intel execs about the upcoming CPU design codenamed "Penryn," which include new features SSE4, high-k dielectrics and metal gate transistors. Intel claims the upcoming Penryn will fit 410 million transistors for the dual-core model, and 820 million transistors for the quad-core variants — dual-core Conroe utilizes just 298 million transistors. When asked about the effects of SSE4 on Penryn, Smith responded to DailyTech claiming "We're seeing excellent double digit performance [percentage] gains on multimedia applications.""
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony PSP DRM cracked for all firmwares

hughperkins writes: "Sony PSP DRM cracked for all firmwares
Fanjita: "You remember that the only thing holding us back from a downgrader for v3.03 was the lack of a user-mode exploit?
"Well, we don't like to be held back from anything, so we went back to basics and looked over some of the old exploits. And what do you know? We found one!
"We did a little digging into the old GTA exploit, and discovered that it hadn't been properly patched after all. We'll leave it as an exercise for the interested reader to figure out exactly how we got past the patch (and to give Sony a little while longer before the head-slapping "Doh!" moment Tongue out).
"But the short version is that we can now run code again via Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories. You want some proof? Check out the Goofy Hello World""
XBox (Games)

Submission + - XNA SharpNES: Homebrew NES Emulator for Xbox 360

MoonStar writes: Lone Coder released the first 'indie' emulator for the Xbox360. 'XNA SharpNES' is made with 'XNA Game Studio Express', the Microsoft dev tool released last month aimed at helping students and hobbyists build games for Windows and the Xbox 360. There's no sound or 2nd controller support yet, but it shows more than just games can be developed with XNA Game Studio Express. To run it on an Xbox360 you need a 'Creators Club' subscription ($99/year).

Submission + - Court Documents Show Microsoft's Tiger Envy

phillymjs writes: "PC Pro is reporting on another juicy e-mail nugget from the Sent Items of Jim Allchin, (nyud link, PDF) courtesy of Iowa's Comes v. Microsoft trial. It's a lengthy e-mail conversation from late June, 2004 — in which several Microsofties ooh and ahh over features of the yet-unreleased Mac OS X 10.4. IMHO the award for best quote goes to Lenn Pryor, who said, 'It is like I just got a free pass to Longhorn land today.'"

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