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Submission + - SPAM: How to Find Victim from Credit Card Breach?

sshuber writes: I just received a notice from my bank that Mastercard alerted them that my credit card information used recently for an online purchase was breached. The catch is that it doesn't list the company but just recommends to check for fraudulent activity and to order a new card. Is there any way to find out which company it was that exposed my data? How can I verify that my information was properly encrypted? If proper measures weren't taken, I would certainly shop elsewhere.

Comment Not an intrustion (Score 1) 220

I actually find it hard to believe that this is an intrusion. I think that they were working on the upgrade to the new "PSN":!5785451/yes-your-playstation-network-account-is-changing-hands-sort-of. They screwed something up, lost their database, and didn't have proper backups. They are probably trying to rebuild the database and in the meantime use a convenient scapegoat to blame the outage on so they don't look quite as bad. In fact, all of the recent problems have been since this announced change of account management for PSN.

Comment I'm glad (Score 0) 221

I agree with the concept that you can't shape traffic to give priority to certain things over certain things, that helps everyone. What I don't agree with in the bill is the subsidizing of broadband and turning it into a "right" that all citizens should have. I enjoy working hard to pay for premium services like quality broadband. As soon as you start giving it away, the losses incurred by the providers of said service will jack up the prices to the people that pay, ala what will happen with health care if the current legislation isn't repealed. I also don't want my tax dollars going to that crap. They need to re-work that part of the bill then introduce it again.

Comment Re:show off your programming skills (Score 1) 441

When I went to the interview for my job, I brought source code and the compiled executables along. These were independent studies and small group projects where we weren't spoon fed like normal class projects, so it reflected well my coding abilities. The interviewers really liked the code and the fact that I provided it to them so I ended up getting the job and am now making over 50K a year at an "entry-level" position. I strongly recommend this route.

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 613

Piracy will never be stopped. Every possible security measure companies take will 100% be broken. They might as well save their money they'd use for implementing some nasty DRM and spend it on making a better game. The only way to make sure this doesn't happen is to do something like an MMO where you have to log in to a server with a legitimate account. Also, any heavy multiplayer game people will more than likely buy anyways so they can actually experience the fun of how the game is meant to be played.

Comment Re:How about DRM? (Score 5, Informative) 243

I used to work at Gamestop and we could only check out console games for obvious reasons. Everything else is true though, except my manager pushed that we check out used games as much as possible and he inspected new games when we brought them back. If it was scratched at all, you got the pleasure of buying it. It was a pretty sweet perk to have though. Obviously Gamestop's thinking is that they want a staff who knows what they are selling.

Comment Re:How about DRM? (Score 1) 243

You get what you pay for, what did you expect? Someone who can talk intelligible would be able to get a job that pays a dollar more. If he can write, two bucks more. If he can think past his next lunch, he's promoted to store manager.

Interesting since everyone I worked with when I worked at a Gamestop was in college at some stage including myself. If you don't want to do much except talk about games and ring people up for a few hours a week, it's a fantastic job.

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