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Comment Windows exodus? Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 628

I know that we Slashdotters would love to believe there is a Windows exodus because of Windows 8. But in reality, that will never happen. Are you saying that Grandma or Joe Blow, as pissed off as they are with the Win8 UI, are going to switch to Linux? Most "average" people might have heard the name but have no idea what it is. And forget about learning to use it. Mac OS have a better chance at getting people to jump ship. To most people "Windows" is synonymous with "Computer". They don't know there are other OS's out there. People will be pissed off and not buy more more Microsoft products. People will vote with their dollars, not their choice of OS.

Comment Re:Obvious answer.. (Score 1) 514

This is a very stupid statement. Every country that uses English as it's native language (United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc) has a variant of the English language with it's own idiosyncrasies. In Australian English, it's perfectly acceptable to use 'suicide' as a verb as opposed to 'commit suicide' in other English forms. No one is superior to another. In fact, there are more native American English speakers than supposed "Queen's" English speakers. So you tell me which is "proper". What you're perceiving as bad "American English" are the people who bend and destroy the rules. That's the fault of the educational system, not the society. Trust me, British English can be just as mutilated. This opinion is coming from a self-proclaimed grammar Nazi. If I can have a live and let live attitude towards English dialects (and they are dialects), you can too. :-)

Comment Where does the energy come from? (Score 1) 129

I think this is all great news and a wonderful idea. We as humans are able to overcome mother nature and bend the world to our needs. However...this article talks about a future, which is certainly coming, where technology shapes our world. Where does the energy come from to power all this? I came to a revelation recently. I've watched all the documentaries, so I knew mentally that this was coming. But oil is coming to an end. Coal is coming to an end. Fossil fuels are coming to an end. I recently watched a documentary that said that coal was going to run out around 2040-2050. Whether or not this date is true, it will end. This documentary made me think...EVERYTHING is made from petroleum. Plastic cups. Cars. Computers. Chairs. Prosthetics! I was born in 1973 and will likely die around 2050. My ENTIRE life I have been accustomed to a world made from petroleum. Suddenly in my old age, I will live in a world that no longer has these resources. My life when I am elderly will change DRASTICALLY and horribly if we do nothing about our power situation. What does this revelation have to do this the parent post on bionic parts? When we build a world where we are no longer 100% and these parts require power to run...where is the power going to come from?

Comment Re:Dealers Made The Difference (Score 2) 263

I TOTALLY agree with that! I think it was really the time period because this dealer phenomenon wasn't limited to Commodore machines. I had an Atari 800XL and I LOVED going to my local dealer. God bless my parents because the dealer was just far enough away where they had to drive me there. :-) But It was great for demos of new products, buying Atari specific magazines, and yes, meeting other enthusiasts. These dealers also sponsored local user groups. That's a thing that has continued to today and it's a great thing.

Comment Re:AGAIN??? (Score 1) 250

Plus I didn't say that Americans are better than everyone else. But there is a concept of protecting your own. Think of the US and it's citizens as a big family. Are you going to actively going to screw over your family? Or are you going to give preferential treatment to your family.

Comment Re:AGAIN??? (Score 1) 250

This has nothing to do with racial issues. This has to do with the US doing what's best for US citizens. If an Indian American and an Irish American were applying for the same job, give it to the best qualified. Don't import thousands of Indians to compete with us for own our jobs. If a German company is outsourcing their project and the best candidates are an Indian firm and an American firm, give it to the best qualified company. Don't throw down the "racist" card unless that's what it is.

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