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Submission + - New Jersey High School Takes Network Security to the Cloud (

srobs writes: High Point Regional High School in Sussex, NJ has moved its network security system to the cloud. After an extensive search, the school selected Bat Blue Networks' cloud-based Security-as-a-Service system, Cloud/Sec. Cloud/Sec is designed to replace dozens of disparate technologies. It offers application security, URL filtering, antivirus, antimalware, and protection from other Internet-based threats and can support multiple sites, remote users, and mobile devices. Because the solution is cloud-based, it does not require hardware or implementation costs, and it doesn't require a subscription.

Submission + - Text messages don't die when you delete them; they hide (

colinneagle writes: We've all deleted texts, but those of you who might really not want anyone else to ever see them might be interested in knowing that forensics experts say, "Phone texts don't die; they hide." And that "factory reset feature" won't delete SMS well enough to stop them from being recovered either. The root of the problem comes from depending upon operating system controls to delete files.

After losing a mobile device, people may opt to remotely wipe it, but that won't really erase all your data either, according to forensic experts. That might seem like a bit of irony for anyone who suffered from attackers using flaws to remotely wipe phones, and then couldn't recover their important data.

In an article on the Australian, Bradley Schatz, a computer forensics expert and professor at Queensland University of Technology, said a phone's flash memory "is set up to avoid indiscriminately overwriting data, so if you have a lot of spare space on the drive inside your phone, which you will do on a large iPhone, then the device will use that before it writes over or erases previously used space and deleted messages."


Submission + - Whitepaper: Managing The Google Threat (

srobs writes: "Interesting whitepaper on the threat search engines pose to organizations and individuals.
"Google as an organization . . .1) has significant insight and knowledge on its users, both as individuals and entities; 2) often has users' blind and unquestionable trust; and 3) Google can be gamed by malicious people and business competitors to manipulate Google's knowledge of users.""

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