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Comment Re:Its cancer (Score 1) 371

I think I see what you're saying - but the thing is that it's exactly as you say - except that it takes years to know if the cure worked. If it did, then the body will fix itself etc. If it didn't, then it's not good.

And having that long waiting period is very draining for everyone, something I'm very aware of.


Submission + - Get Out the Tin Hats; dust-speck sized RFID

MedicinalMan writes: According to Pink Tentacle, ps-rfid-powder/ very tiny RFID chips 0.05mm x 0.05mm will be markted by Hitachi in the next couple of years. The many harmless uses generally involve embedding them in paper (money, gift certificates, admission tickets, etc.). The main specs are: "128-bit ROM for storing a unique 38-digit ID number.The new chips are also 9 times smaller than the prototype chips Hitachi unveiled last year, which measure 0.15 x 0.15 mm." Telescreen: There will be absolutely no uses that involve privacy invasion nor should paranoia increase. Carry on...War is peace...

Submission + - Selling Homeowners a Solar Dream

slugo writes: "Instead of making you spring for $25,000 or more in gear, Citizenr says it will loan you a complete rooftop solar power system, install it for free and sell you back the power it generates at a fixed rate below what your utility charges. The company hopes to make back its investment with those monthly payments, augmented by federal tax credits and rebates."
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Journal Journal: U.S. Prosecutors Charge Piracy 'Kingpin'

U.S. Prosecutors Charge Piracy 'Kingpin' By Staff Feb 22, 2007 U.S. prosecutors in Virginia have extradited one of the first suspects allegedly involved with several large international Web pirate groups. Hew Raymond Griffiths, from Bateau Bay, Australia, appeared in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va. -- charged with one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and one count of criminal copyright infringement, Variety said Thursday. The maximum sentence for conviction
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Submission + - Second Life Ends First Land Program

RancidPickle writes: "Second Life, the virtual word created and run by Linden Labs, announced they were no longer issuing First Land to premium members.

Effective immediately, the supply of cheap First Land parcels by Linden Lab will cease. Premium accounts will still be able to own up to 512m of land as part of their Premium membership package as they do now, the only change is that we will not be supplying the discounted parcels as we have done in the past. The website and knowledgebase will be amended to reflect this change shortly.

As a premium SL user who spent hours looking for First Land, this does not bode well for me or the users who will be left out in the cold — literally."
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Ten Predictions for XML in 2007 71

An anonymous reader writes "2007 is shaping up to be the most exciting year since the community drove off the XML highway into the Web services swamp half a decade ago. XQuery, Atom, Atom Publishing Protocol (APP), XProc, and GRRDL are all promising new power. Some slightly older technologies like XForms and XSLT are having new life breathed into them. 2007 will be a very good year to work with XML."

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