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Comment Re:3rd world countries (Score 1) 558

They have to do it on front of you actually.
But that is not the point. I am not the only one that has to pay that tax, so everyone else is in the same boat regarding the purcharse of floppy disks. All because a comitee of provincial politicians can't be bothered to accept electronic payment of this particular tax. Every other tax can be paid with online banking.
So one of the reasons the purchase of outdated floppy disks keeps going, at least in Argentina, is because of a comitee of politicians. That was the intent of my original post.

Comment Re:3rd world countries (Score 4, Informative) 558

Yes, I have to use them actually. It is the only way to pay multilateral income taxes in Argentina. You have to stand in line at an actual bank for an hour and present the teller with some printed forms and a diskette with the form file (and the money of course). And no, you can't use a flashdrive, electronic transfer or anything else. You have to use a freaking 3.5 inch dikette. It's like going back to the last century. Of course the damned things keep failing every other month so I have to buy more and more.
It doesn't help that the software to make those forms is the old DOS version with some library changes to make it work on windows. UAC sure loves it... (not)

Comment Weird... (Score 2, Informative) 433

The twitter feed was boring as usual, but it has an interesting observation...

# A few in crowd have donned plain white masks... Not sure but they seemed to come from inside the aec

And later...

# Wow, about a half-dozen of the protesters in the white masks just got arrested. Hooked up with plastic cuffs and led away by police.

# I think they planned to get arrested for symbolic reasons... Leader just announced that 7 were arrested. All in plain white msks

So it was a publicity stunt? And why the people arrested came from within the army recruiting facility?


Second Google Android Phone Revealed 176

KrispyDroid writes "The world's second Google Android phone has been unveiled — by an Australian-based electronics company called Kogan. It will ship worldwide on Jan 29. It looks like a surprisingly nice form factor, not unlike a Blackberry Bold. The phones will be sold without a contract at low prices — $A299 ($US192)."

Comment Re:This only punishes the foolish (Score 2, Insightful) 438

That's just paranoia. Everyone with administrative/root access to the mail server could read them, not that they care what's in there usually. The fact that someone is paying for their mailbox or not has nothing to do with that. You are probably safer with the big names, at least they have established protocols and guidelines for privacy...
Besides you can have your email with google too, for free. Ever heard of google apps?

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