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Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 1) 715

No he didn't. You leftists haven't gotten the memo yet: you can't lie on the internet.

Yeah! Only right-wing lies are permitted now. Woohoo!

Trump never lies, bullies or makes typos! If you disagree you will be branded as the delicate snowflake you are.

He has the best brain, words, people and hair products! And what an ass - he puts the rump in Trump.

Comment Totally Agree (Score 1) 568

Unlike law, medicine and traditional engineering fields, software development is completely unregulated with no real standard certifications (even a degree is optional). This is nice for letting skilled yet uncertified people into the field and allowing self-taught people to capitalize on their self-investment.

The IOT-craze will probably force us to take a second look at this as craptastic software will have an even greater influence on the tangible world and people that live in it.

Developers usually do not shoulder outward responsibility for the applications they write.

Submission + - SPAM: Tips for Network Marketing from Steve Martin

donnysyntwo writes: Some of the best tips for Network Marketing come from unusual and unexpected places.

Todays show shares a powerful, less than one minute video of advice from Steve Martin. Steve Martin, One of my Faves

I have always enjoyed about anything I have ever seen from Steve Martin. I think he is brilliant as an actor and any interview I have seen of him has inspired me in the way he talks about success. He is also responsible for one of my favorite quotes of all time

Be so Good They Cant Ignore You Steve Martin (Click to Tweet)

Yesterday my bud Tony Rush shared the below video and after watching it several times I decided to turn it into this blog post as it resonated with me so much and also wanted to give you my take on what he is saying in this very short video.

By the way, if you are a network marketer, I am excited to be sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and others next month in Vegas at my buddy Eric Worres Network Marketing Pro event. Here is another article loaded with advice from Mr Kiyosaki 20 Tips for Network Marketing Steve Martin and Tips for Network Marketing (or ANY Profession really)

Heres my take on his advice.

  1. What if we approached our life or business in the way he described as simply trying to be really, really good at what we do? Over time you would get there, no matter what your goals are.
  2. Like Steve, people come to me everyday looking for the quick secret and never want to hear how many videos, blogs, home meetings, webinars that I had to do nor how many courses, coaches, books I had to go through to get to where I am.
  3. If you watch his longer interview (which you can on Charlie Roses youtube channel here), Steve, also like me, talks about how he wasnt born with a lot of talent. He talks about how talented his parents were but how he couldnt sing or play instruments naturally and had to learn by grinding out in practicing. Many of you know my story of how I used to be terrified of public speaking, it took years and years to get past that fear by continuously pushing past my anxiety and getting in front of people

So how about we all just work on getting really, really good at what we are doing and we drop our addiction to it happening fast? Time is going to pass anyway. Instead of constantly being disappointed that your goals didnt happen overnight, how about we all just focus on improvement?

If you got value from this, share it. Drop me a comment below. Heres to YOU becoming so good that the world cannot ignore YOU!

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Comment No one answer (Score 1) 196

In my experience, it's kind of fun to start off making a few PCBs and wire-wrap boards - I learned a lot by doing it. After a while I got tired of it and only do it occasionally, but now usually do breadboard>proto-board/wire-wrap>PCB house. I'll sometimes substitute a home-made PCB (sometimes just a few discrete modules to plug in) for the proto/wire-wrap if the layout is too messy otherwise.

I wouldn't knock it - it's kinds fun to make artistic traces and make the board itself a functional work of art.

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 1) 196

Wow. You must be making some serious stuff to be interesting to government agencies. You think they don't already know this stuff about you?

I wouldn't want to bother making stuff for an anonymous client anyways - I would think they were up to no good or overly paranoid and delusional. Got better stuff to do, like post snarky comments.

Comment Fun fun fun (Score 1) 684

The direct comparison to climbing mountains on earth is super funny.

Keeping people sane under transport and habitat conditions for the rest of their lives with our current (and even 20 years in the future) understanding of our own minds is super funny.

Assuming that going to and living on Mars is anything like visiting the moon is super funny.

Frankly, I hope everyone that thinks this will work will go - as their corpses decay or freeze, the rest of us can focus on the problems on earth.

Oh, man! Look at those cavemen go.

Comment Chindogu (Score 2) 110

It appears to reflect overhead light by virtue of being white and slightly angled - wow, science. I guess albinos won't be too concerned about this technology.

"A 2012 version, powered by a lithium-ion battery, included LED lights around the nose that shined near-infrared light toward cameras. Computer-vision systems were also fooled by the bright light, but the visor looked dorky and required a bulky power source."

So the new one is the same, just no leds or power source. Dorkiness has been maintained...

All this so the cameras don't think you have a face. They still record you, and can tell you are a person by the way you move. And since you will be the only douchedork wearing these around, you should be easy to find.

Comment Figureheads of Tech (Score 1) 273

I think whom the article is referring to as "great men" are great marketeers, great salesmen and great hustlers.

We remember people like Jobs and Musk for innovation, not invention. For putting the power of technology in our hands and allowing us to make use of innovations.

History will remember the Kilby's and Shockley's of the world even if society doesn't - they gave the politicians and figureheads of tech the tools to make their dreams.

Comment Fingers crossed... (Score 1) 119

There is a huge difference between sending a unmanned probe and sending a manned mission to the moon. There are unmanned probes all over the solar system - but relatively few manned missions, and none of them even close to the moon in the last 40 years or so.

Still, if the US could do it in the 60's, India should be able to pull it off in the next 5 years or so. They are standing on the shoulders of Soviet/Russian and American scientists and pilots, so that should accelerate things a bit.

Comment Re:Fucking trolls (Score 1) 187

So much name calling.

Statistics are dangerous - not the numbers, but what we think they mean.

You can't survey an entire population and then apply the assessment to each individual.

You could have a class of 100 students - 50 that get everything right and 50 that get everything wrong - the average assessment in that case will not apply to anyone in the class.

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