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Comment Capricorn One 2: Electric Boogaloo (Score 1) 89

How much does it cost to stage a Capricorn One-like scam? Doesn't seem so difficult to me: buy a remote island, build a sound stage on it, stage the lift off, have the "astronauts" live there while continuing to rake in the dough on subsequent missions to send supplies, after a while "build" the technology to bring them back... book/movie deals for the "astronauts", scammers get paid.

Mass Speculation Suggests Oracle May Kill OpenSolaris 205

CWmike writes to point out that Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is one of many people questioning where Oracle may land once the acquisition of Sun is complete. One concern that I have heard many people express is that there may be a good chance of OpenSolaris getting the axe for not fitting in with the overall corporate vision. "People outside of IT seldom think of Oracle as a Linux company, but it is. Not only does Oracle encourage its customers to use its own house-brand clone of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Oracle Unbreakable Linux, Oracle has long used Linux internally both on its servers and on some of its desktops. So, what does a Linux company like Oracle wants to do with its newly purchased Sun's open-source operating system, OpenSolaris? The answer appears to be: 'Nothing.' Sun, Oracle and third-party sources are telling me that OpenSolaris developers are afraid that they'll be either moved over to working on Linux or let go once the Sun/Oracle merger is completed."

Comment PhoneGap - html/javascript coding for G1 Android (Score 1) 135

I'm impressed with my G1 out-of-the-box (coming from a T-Mo Dash). And as long as there are significant improvements I will be delighted with it.

I use Eclipse for Java development on my job but I didn't want my leisure coding activity to feel like work so I went poking around. I stumbled across which is an add-on to the Eclipse/Android SDK that allows developers to create apps using html and javascript.

I downloaded, installed it, and manage to compile the sample code pretty easily. Reminds me a bit of ForwardPass for the PocketPC.

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