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Comment Isn't this like thowing brick at windows... (Score 1) 29

and then trying to charge the business owners for service like "penetration testing", "quality assurance", or "theft prevention".

The "real world" version is ridiculous to 100% of the world, even the criminals.

Why is there any doubt about the illegality of the "on-line" version?

Comment There are no "quality raters"... (Score 1) 429

The amount that google pays the raters ensures that the pages will be glanced at for no more than 30 seconds each. Included in that time one has to fill out a check list to specify the relevance of the page in respect to the search, "spamminess", trustworthiness, deceptiveness of title, level of "offensiveness"(hate speech/porn), etc.

The raters get paid by the hour, but they have a quota to fulfil. This ensures that one will pay a minimum of attention to the content of the pages one is rating.

"Independent contractors" sounds a little grandiose... google rating is the cheapest for of "mass production"

google also expects its "staff" to be active in the "rater forums"(on their own dime) to discuss the cases where people disagreed about the ratings.

Comment Just install a good firewall... (Score 1) 353

and then block all the IP addresses and URLs that serve the Windows ads. One can probably find a list on the internet.
Easy :)

I'm sure Microsoft would argue that they are "giving" Windows(TM) to you with the PC you buy, because "that's what you want" :)
It's YOU, the users who are choosing Microsoft products, so you don't get to complain about your own choices.

Comment This is not the "real" problem... (Score 1) 46

the real problem is the millions of Wi-Fi cameras, routers, etc. in which the users have turned the security features off.

Many people have about 2 minutes the patience to get their gadgets to work with the security features on. Then they will happily use hours finding out how to turn the security features off.

Comment the sentence is much too light... (Score 1) 181

he's only being sentenced to 5.4 hours/victim.. which isn't fair to the victims.

Personally, I'd like him to be sentenced to:
- 2 years jail.
- probation, where he must spend the remaining 70080hours (8years*365days*24hours) doing community service.
He can use his skills teaching basic computer usage to senior citizens, preschoolers, etc.
- no "personal access" to computers outside his community service work, until every last hour is worked off.

Comment Facebook is not a democracy... accept it, or leave (Score 1) 75

1) Facebook is not, and never will be, a democracy.
2) Facebook does not, and never will, guarantee freedom of speech, expression, communication
- Facebook risks being blocked by "non-democratic" governments
- Facebook risks being sued or blocked by people, companies, and countries.

Unfortunately... Facebook has reached a point where...
Every-one uses Facebook because every-one they know uses it

Comment Re:Underwhelmed :( (Score 1) 88

Invention is driven by people who think "We can", "We'll figure it out", etc. The fact that Benjamin Franklin couldn't see perspective in flight... makes him... "human". In the same way that some-one(supposedly) said "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers".

Fortunately there are people in the world with "vision", it's these people drive development

NASA has been around for a fairly long time, and I doubt it has been good investment as a "development platform".

Universities and are great at inventing stuff to solve problems. If USA had invested "NASA's" billions of dollars in universities, then more people could get a better education... which would be also be a better driving-force for the economy.

If NASA(USA's taxpayers) hadn't paid excessively for these "developments", then the "private sector" and universities would have done the same, and spent a lot less to do it.

Comment Re:Underwhelmed :( (Score 1) 88

Polytetrafluoroethylene (trademarked as Teflon)... discovered in 1938. NASA created on July 29, 1958... nope

NASA may have invested millions of dollars in developing computers... but they did NOT invent them. So again... nope
You may have meant the NSA, which was created on November 4, 1952. It's an easy mistake to make... NASA/NSA, just one letter difference :)

Tang was created by "General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell in 1957"(according to Wikipedia)... NASA made it popular by using it on some missions. That's about the best marketing that a company could get. So again... nope

Any other myths you'd like to quote?

Comment Re:Earth invaded? (was: Re:Invaders from Earth !!) (Score 1) 231

"Humans are not well made"... this depends on what the purpose of "the human species" would be.

What if the purpose of humans is to "intentionally or accidentally cause their own destruction" then we seem to be "perfect".

Just because because it would seen logical(evolutionarily speaking) that any species' goal would be to evolve into an improved species, or a "better version" of the current species.

Humans might just be the exception.

Comment there should be a law which fixes this... (Score 1) 175

Here's a draft for good law:
"it is illegal to place, or allow automatic placement, of virtual items/effects/prizes/bonus' in any private property(except places pointed out in the next law). It is also illegal to place virtual items/effects/prizes/bonus' in areas which are inherently dangerous such as, but not limited to: roads, bike lanes, railways, airports, military bases."

Here's a draft for another good law:
"to help weed out the people 'who are too stupid to be of use to society', the placement of of virtual items/effects/prizes/bonus' is encouraged in and around properties which are known hangouts for violent criminals, such as drug and weapon vendors, also close to properties owned by 'biker gangs', and other groups of people who protect their property using violence"

Comment Windows is really only good for playing games. (Score 1) 197

Yes, I'm a Linux user. That has nothing to do with my dislike of Windows.

Before I was a Linux user, I hated Windows. How could one like a company that was responsible for autoexec.bat and config.sys. So many hours fiddling with these files just to get games to work. That's why as soon as OS2 came out, I tried that.

Unfortunately, the fact that "everyone else" uses Windows means that one has to have Windows. Even just to maintain some level of "most of the world" compatibility.

On another note... at the moment I'm making website "responsive", so that they scale to work on phones, tablets, etc. One can easily get the responsive coding to work in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, for every shape and size of device. I converted one site in about 20 minutes, only to realize that Internet Explorer wasn't compatible with the coding. After finding a JavaScript patch, I then used 3 hours getting the site to also work in IE. Coding that will work in every other browser just won't work in IE, thanks Microsoft :(

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