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Comment Re:This has been known for years already (Score 3, Insightful) 208

I don't think that you know Oracle very well. Lets say you want so scale and so you want clustering or grid functionality -- built into Oracle. Lets say that you want to partition your enormous table into one physical table per month or quarter -- built in. Oh, and if you query the whole giant table you'd like parallel processes to run against each partition, balanced across your cluster or grid -- yeah, that's built in too. Lets say you almost always get a group of data together rather than piece by piece so you want it physically colocated to reduce disk i/o -- built in.

This is why you pay a good wage for your Oracle data architect & DBA -- so that you can get people who know how to do these sort of things when needed. And honestly I'm not even scratching the surface.

Consider a data warehouse for a giant telecom in South Africa (with a DBA named Billy in case you wondered). You have over a billion rows in your main fact table, but you're only interested in a few thousand of those rows. You have an index on dates and another index on geographic region and another region on customer. Any one of those indexes will reduce the 1.1 billion rows to 10's of millions of rows, but all three restrictions will reduce it to a few thousand. What if you could read three indexes, perform bitmap comparisons on the results to get only the rows that match the results of all three indexes and then only fetch those few thousand rows from the 1.1 billion row table. Yup, that's built in and Oracle does it for you for behind the scenes.

Now yeah, you can build a faster single-purpose db. But you better have a god damn'd lot of dev hours allocated to the task. My bet is that you'll probably come our way ahead in cash & time to market with Oracle, a good data architect and a good DBA. Any time you want to put your money on the line, you let me know.

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