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Comment Re:So let me see if I have this right.... (Score 1) 117

"As soon as you complete the transaction a pop-up window appears. It offers a discount on your next purchase. Click on the ad...." So this is something that affects only people dumb enough to click on pop-ups, while those of us with either blockers or the brains to close pop-ups like this when they open are not affected? Internet darwinism at work and working as intended imo.

Thanks- I was hoping someone would point this out, and I agree with you. It's sad commentary that today's consumers still don't approach every purchase expecting to get burned. Now, before anyone gets up in arms over that statement, let me explain: I don't agree it *should* be this way, but I know that it *is* this way and protect myself accordingly.

Comment Opt-in Evaluation Program (Score 5, Informative) 308

For any interested- The article fails to mention that this is/was an evaluation program initiated by BMW. The electric Cooper is not available through standard channels. I received an invitation to evaluate one but because I rent an apartment I didn't meet the minimum requirements to participate. One of the stipulations was that you had to have an enclosed parking area (i.e. a garage) and were willing to have the required charging equipment installed in that garage. There were some other requirements as well, but that was the one that prevented me from considering it. FWIW the invitation was pretty explicit about the performance differences between the gas and electric models as well as your responsibility during the evaluation period. Anyway, I wound up leasing a 2009 Clubman and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner- 'Fun to drive' is a huge understatement.

Comment Re:Not necessarily of US origin.. (Score 2, Informative) 263

Both 28 Days Later and Resident Evil were made respectively by a UK director (in the UK), and by a UK company (FilmFour)....

Resident Evil (film) was based loosely on the Capcom (Japanese) videogame series Biohazard (Resident Evil in the US). The original games were intentional homages to classic zombie and "science-gone-awry" films and stories, although the latest installments have moved away from that somewhat.

Comment Re:Three options (Score 1) 1032

Rats can chew through anything. And I mean anything. Their teeth never stop growing, and due to the way they grow, they form razor sharp chisels which will chew through anything, given enough time. A wild colony of rats could easily chew through a brick wall or steel pipe in a matter of days if not hours. If a rat wants to get through something, he will.

Comment Re:Can't hibernate (Score 1) 983

Set the kernel to load into RAM and it will effectively eliminate the symptoms you describe here. This will maintain a working pagefile, but the kernel will not load any of its processes into it. There are a few other tweaks that are simple and help make XP/Vista very responsive, one of which is changing how each application uses memory address space. Search for XP/Vista tweaks and keep an eye out for references to "Disable page file for Windows kernel" and you'll know you're on the right track.

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