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Comment Re:Regulations are stupid (Score 3, Informative) 204

You're error lies in the fact that the amendment voted against by the Republicans (no 'the right') was an amendment to completely abolish Medicare overnight. After having much of society live on Medicare for so long, then have it suddenly removed, would create a serious market problem. It was written in an extremest point of view, not allowing for a gradual decline but a sudden stop. I don't believe may people would agree with this procedure, and voting against it definitely does _not _ imply an 'embrace of Medicare' as you've stated.

But regardless, what does this thread have to do with the topic?

Comment Re:is it really this bad? (Score 1) 257

I would more blame the government for using way too much of our tax dollars, and not take the time to hit the little "Windows Update" button or install some virus protection. We're not talking about some 70+ year old grandma, but a government with a multi-trillion dollar spending plan. I would expect multiple levels of encryption, routine computer updates and a full suit of anti-virus software on each machine with internet access just to start. For that I blame the government.

Comment Re:politics (Score 1) 492

So, what I'm gathering from this is that most, if not all, politicians are corrupt and there to make another buck? Sick joke if you ask me. They're already living in the top .1% of American income off our tax dollars, then they screw the producers to make some more money. Why haven't we revolted yet?

Comment Re:Before you freak (Score 1) 492

Second that. There is a lot of good material out there that is not provided by the RIAA and MPAA. You just have to look a little harder for it. If we start demanding content that is not protected in such crazy ways, then that's what stores will begin to provide. It's a business, and they're in it to make money.

Comment Re:Unions are Legalized Extortion (Score 1) 715

I've never been to Detroit, but my friend who lived there several years tells me that it's all but become somewhat a ghost city. Gangs and drugs are everywhere, and government funded housing to help out the people there are nothing more then crap holes. And it blew him away the first Halloween, as he saw people burn dozens of abandon buildings to the ground for fun.

He told me that back at the boom of the American Auto Industry the unions would ask for a raise, and if the company refused the union workers would move to the company down the street. Back and forth it would go until welders were being paid well over the national average. Why wouldn't the car companies move out?

I'm tired of hearing people complain about how we ship everything in from China, then complain at the checkout that it's too expensive. A large part of our American lifestyle is made possible by using cheap labor in other countries. (Oop, that was a tangent)

I live in a right to work state, and I would rather hold a low paying job doing something I don't find enjoyable then have to join a union. I will be really disappointed if the tech industry decides to start having unions on a large scale. In my opinion, today being a member of a union is like telling me that my job isn't important enough, or that I'm not good enough, so I need big brother to step in for me.

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