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Comment Re:Yeah and then... (Score 1) 238

> Sorry, but if your app is trying to write to program files then your app is broken or written for a version of Windows that hasn't been supported for a very long time .NET by default uses exe.config files by default sitting in the same place as the exe file. Changing INI files to XML. Same shit different year. There are plenty of older apps not rewritten that depend on "running as admin" in windows. Microsoft should have abandoned program files 20 years ago and instead do it like Mac does with fat binary including all their resources in a read only Applications folder.

Comment To anyone voting popular vote. (Score 1) 637

Why don't you just put a Moron tattoo on your forehead so we can tell you apart. Oh wait, we can tell by the blue hair.

Unless you want California and New York to be the only places to decide the presidential elections then the popular vote is a retarded idea.

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