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Comment I ran my web business with OS/2 (Score 1) 211

In the late 90s I was able to produce spectacular performance with OS/2, DB2, Java and Caucho's Resin (a Java httpd) while serving dynamic web pages. Due to the (server) stability of OS/2 and its multi threaded nature, IBMs commitment to Java, DB2 wih Java integration and early XML/XSL implementations, I was able to produce a bleeding edge content management system. I'm talking approx. 1997 to 2001. When IBM killed off OS/2 I switched to Linux which by then had Java implementations that could match OS/2s, also by IBM. You can guess I have fond memories of OS/2.

Comment Re:Cloud services are for idiots. (Score 1) 157

The intention of cloud music services like Amazon's (and Google's, and Apple's, and Ubuntu's...) is to provide a convenient way to access your music from anywhere at any time.

No the purpose of cloud players is to keep track of what users listen to.

That tracking is actually a feature that benefits the artist who actually gets royalties when played (which is tracked). This way cloud services like iTunes Match and this Amazon service get to 'legalize' all your illegally downloaded music. The artists eventually (if you play them) get paid fairly.

In the midst of all the humbug about illegal downloading and the music industry going down the drain, I find this a very sympathetic feature.

Comment Re:Define professional? (Score 3, Informative) 119

As has already been pointed out (sarcastically) there's plenty of original content on YouTube already, so what's new about this is that it's professional? How exactly are they defining professional though?

The article means original content BY YouTube themselve as I read it. YouTube is going to compete with the producers you talk about.

Comment Re:Shut down social media? Shoot down looters! (Score 1) 403

Isn't it common practice to shoot looters on the act?

Not in civilized countries.

Looting hard working social peers is way off limits AFAIK.

Shooting people for any reason except to protect the life of other people is even farther off the limits.

Well, once people revert to looting other innocent people as a hooligan passtime they disqualify themselfs as a member of said 'civilized' society IMO.

Comment Answer: no (Score 3, Interesting) 530

Capped data plans won't kill the cloud. Capping will only be a temporary inconvenience (until capping is gone through competition between carriers).

There are nice-to-have cloud syncs that use a lot of data (music, video, images) and need-to-have cloud syncs (mail, calendar, documents). The urgens syncs usually fit in a data plan. The 'leisure' syncs can be done whilst on wifi.

The real inconvenience will be data roaming charges (eg abroad) where they charge you an arm and a leg for everything :(

Comment Fond memories of never running Windows 95 and up (Score 1) 461

Some time before Win95 came out I had already switched to OS/2, which I kept using far beyond 2000 upto the moment that I switched to Linux. When Apple OSX was released I switched to that fairly quick.

Neither OS/2 nor Linux was ideal, but it made me so happy not to have to use Win95 (and up).

For my work I mainly used the command line, and my servers ran OS/2 and Linux as well (DB/2 and Java), so that turned out pretty good.

People tended to laugh at me for being so recalcitrant with my OS choice. Yet I managed to reach financial independence in doing so. And I tend to believe that choosing my OS had unimportant role in that because we depended on speed and uptime for our business.

Therefore I want to thank Microsoft in retrospect for showing me how bad they sucked at OS development and innovation during my use of Windows 3.0 and 3.1 making me stay away from their products from then on.

Fond memories indeed...

Comment Re:What a horrible test file (Score 1) 337

And cutting-off people with basic services like 1 Mbit/s cable internet, DSL, or slow 56k dialup. Forcing people to faster speeds that they either don't have, or don't want, is irresponsible of the website owner

That's exactly what Youtube does. Offer the same video in 360p, 480p and HD. Everyone's a winner.

And 56K dialup people should really stay out of the internet-video discussion. We're also not asking Henry Ford to comment on the SLS AMG.

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