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Comment Re:When you go to prison (Score 1) 108

... But after having actually experienced it, and having things they didn't even think about happening (like loosing family members while in, or having their kids grow up without them etc) they don't want to go through it again.....

But that's not the case with sociopaths or people w/o friends and family. If a criminal on their own in the world gets out of the slammer, what's keeping them from going back in?

Comment Re:PostgreSQL (Score 1) 281

Well said. Wish I had mod points. And with that being said, if OP wants to find a solution where they could just leave and never hear from the Nonprofit again, maybe consider finding/training someone in their area that could help them out on occasion. At least suggest they find a consulting company, co-worker or good friend that is technically inclined that could answer questions.

Comment Re:Power management on Ubuntu (Score 1) 452

I have the same problem with my KUbuntu going to sleep in 10 or so minutes even though I have the power management settings set to hours. There was a flash update that failed the other night (and I haven't had the time to see why or fix it.) Try to first check for updates, make sure they don't fail. If that doesn't work, I'm probably going to give up and just try a different distribution.

OP - if your users are anything like my users, nothing will ever be good enough and they abhor any changes whatsoever. Try to pick the path of least resistance (for you), which may very well be new hardware with winders. Also know that no matter what, you'll have a month of hell (your hell - also depending on number of users) for most of the users and a small subset of users will always be unhappy with it, think it is the computer's problem, think the computer "hates them" and not be able to do their job no matter what. That is when you have to be an ass and put your foot down and tell your boss to tell their boss to tell them shape up or ship out. Don't tell them yourself, then they get all pissy that you are pissy and that never turns out well.

Submission + - Why Does The Media Exaggerate Linux Security Problems? (

jfruh writes: Most security experts agree that Linux is one of the most secure OSes out there. But to listen to some media reports, you'd think it was a security nightmare. Tech commentator Jim Lynch thinks the disparity comes from a sensationalist press's tendency to tear down a winner: because Linux is so secure, its (few) security problems seem like bigger news. It's the same logic behind stories about Apple's impending financial implosion.

Comment Re: Testing Inaccurate? (Score 1) 160

I haven't tried glitter myself, but I've tried a glow-in the dark liquid makeup substance. The point isn't to teach how well soap breaks down whatever the Nurse is putting on your hands, it is to teach how long the healthcare worker needs to scrub to take it off their hands. And because the makeup stuff would stick to the crevasses of fingernails and such, it took a lot of washing. After washing, the nurse turned out the lights and showed how some people would still have glowy stuff all over their hands, especially around the fingernails.

Comment Re:Or Maybe... (Score 1) 175

And there is good news. The company I work for is now letting me replace the intranet and internet (it's so early 2000's it kills me every day to look at it). So, I guess I'm back. And it's a simple little site, but I'll take it. I suppose I could just delete the old post (aka rant?), but maybe some shy female will read my plight and know there is hope at the end of the road (music trails off)

Comment Or Maybe... (Score 1) 175

programming jobs have gone overseas, leaving fewer to programmer jobs to go to after college. AND if your college didn't teach you exactly the right languages, or enough of them, no one will hire you because they don't have the brains to do it even if you can. I'm not a bitter little cheerleader geek groupie. Not At All. --wasn't there already a story about females in tech? talking about it to death, doesn't mean girls are going to flock to the keyboard...

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