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Comment Re:No a la carte? (Score 1) 62

This, and the fact that the official youtube channel crashes my roku after 5-10 minutes of watching. I have signed up for sling I think three times now to get a free roku with the deal and canceled it every time. Just not worth the money. Let me go ala-carte and maybe I'll buy/bite. I like to watch news, so I was essentially paying for sling to watch cnn. how the hell is that worth it. I'll just stick with the free options. France 24 is pretty damn good. Besides there is still Sky, iTV, Deutsche Nx, Al Jazeera, that awful CBS streaming news service and half a dozen more. I just won't bite.

Comment Long time Mac user will defect on next purchase (Score 5, Informative) 230

I'm writing this on a 13" mid-2011 macbook pro and I'm ready for a new purchase. For the first time since, well let's see, 1989, I will not buy an Apple computer. I'll probably purchase a Razor Blade Stealth. I will still need an Apple desktop for the time being, as my work demands the use of Pro Tools on an also aging 21 inch iMac. When you think about it, that's a pretty damn, damning statement on the current state of Mac development. The current lineup of MacBook(s) is overpriced, completely un-upgradable and just does not suit my needs. I will miss OS X, it's served me well, but it's development in recent years towards Mac iOS features just doesn't interest me. I'd rather purchase something like the Stealth, keep Windows on it and run Linux in a virtual machine for daily email, web browsing etc... When you start to lose loyal 25 year customers, something is really, really wrong. So Apple, it's been a nice ride. No longer will I extol your virtues to other users, no longer will I purchase your products or support your developers (I'm also an Android user). I stuck with you all those years, bought your stock at around 12 bucks a share when things were really dim for Cupertino in the '90s. It's been nice, but it's time to move on.

Comment Is Hulu still a thing? (Score 3, Interesting) 111

I used to use it when it first started. It was easier and of course, I felt that I was "doing the right thing" as opposed to torrenting for TV shows. Then they went to the paid model. Wait a second, I have to pay... and watch commercials. When was that 2-3 years ago? Stopped watching Hulu. I used to 'make fun' of people at work who were paying for this. They want you to pay and watch commercials?! Hell, I can put an antenna on my TV and watch for "free." So yea, what does their user base (paying that is) really look like these days?

I was thinking of this in terms of news the other day. I am an admitted news junkie. And I've noticed that I don't even bother with the NYT or the WPost any more. I just jump over those bookmarks. Instead I use free sites where I can use adblocks. Not that I have an aversion to ads, just don't need all that crap running on my browser. I even paid for Sling for a couple of months so I could get CNN. But dropped it, after realizing I was paying 20 bucks a month for CNN, just wasn't worth it. Instead, I watch France24, DW and Sky News. Why, cause they don't charge me. So I don't watch the BIG news casters.

My real point? Not sure exactly.... But I drop the big casters trying to nickle and dime me, and get the free options. When it comes to TV shows, the point of Hulu (I would think) for the consumer, was to offer TV in a legal and easier to use fashion than torrenting. I'm back to the point where it's easier to pay for a proxy and torrent. What have the streamers learned, from what I can gather, not much.

Comment Babylon 5 was the best (Score 5, Interesting) 156

In honor of Doyle, think I might fire up the series on my Plex server. Saw this news the other day, as it came across the radio business pipeline (he was a somewhat conservative talk show host with a daily show). As a side story, when Doyle was first starting his radio show into syndication, he was making the rounds at the radio biz conventions. I got to sit and talk with Doyle for about an hour at the radio and records talk convention in NY that year. He was trying to pitch his show to all the program directors and network big-wigs (I was then working for a talk talent consulting firm). Of course, all I wanted to talk to Doyle about was Babylon 5. You know what, he indulged me for an hour.. and let me be a fan. He seemed actually excited to talk about Babylon 5 with a guy who was a fan of the show. He was a real gent and very regular guy. Hopefully he's riding a Kawasaki Ninja with Lennier out on the rim of the broken wheel.

Comment Re:The view from Austin (Score 1) 335

Yea, can't let corporations write the laws for Austin City Council. Tell that to all the developers from out of state building developments downtown like a farking mushroom farm. Including one that is being built for the tune of 60 million purposefully being built with no parking. This is the city council's grand plan to reduce traffic in Austin. Can't let a corporation control what gets voted on in Austin.... what a pile of horse sh*t. That dog just don't hunt. It's biz a usual for the greasy fingers of Austin politicians and their real corporate lackies.

Comment language (Score 1) 335

I live in Austin and voted prop 1. Why? Because the city government is out of control here in general, and even though I am not a U/L user, I wanted to send that message. One thing about prop 1 that didn't get a lot of attention was how convoluted the damn language on the ballot was. One local TV station did some reporting on it.

prop 1: "Shall the City Code be amended to repeal City Ordinance No. 20151217-075 relating to Transportation Network Companies; and replace with an ordinance that would repeal and prohibit required fingerprinting, repeal the requirement to identify the vehicle with a distinctive emblem, repeal the prohibition against loading and unloading passengers in a travel lane, and require other regulations."

Yea, how many folks stood in front of the ballot box and scratched their heads on that one.

Comment Re:Capitalism... (Score 1) 82

I do wonder how much she was paid, undoubtedly signed a non-disclosure agreement, so we will undoubtedly never know. I wonder if it was scale, and if she gets any residuals, I'm sure not. But if she did, she would be sitting pretty. There was a posting for a siri like job the other day on a no-union VO site for a Microsoft "siri-like" application for an automotive application. It was a buy-out for if I remember correctly, for around 35k.

Comment iTunes is Apple's Windows Exploder (Score 0) 267

Once upon a time Apple purchased a wonderful little program called SoundJam. It was a great little music player. 16 years later, Apple has managed to turn a very good "one trick pony" (yes, it played music) into the cludgeiest, patchware piece of junk to come down the pike since Windows Explorer.

It slices, it dices and juliennes to perfection and it rolls on its belly like a dinosaur. The only tears you'll shed are tears of absolute and utter frustration. Apple's new Popeil iTunes O'Matic. Personally hand-crufted by the greatest snake oil Salesmanof the 21st Century!

Comment Re:Horrible Music (Score 1) 196

Well I'll tag in. I never much cared for his records/songs, but the guy was a talented player. The alleged Clapton quote is interesting. The link to the youtube vid with "While My Guitar" is pretty cool. He knew his way around the fretboard. It's pretty damn good. But he does fall into flash a bit much, running through hyper fast scales and that Eddy Van Halen tapping crap. I know they are dead, but "best guitarist in the world" title would have to fall to Rory Buchanan (in the modern rock style), Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Doc Watson... Prince, don't think so. If Clapton said that, me thinks he was just being a snarky twit to the interviewer.

Comment Re:XP I understand (Score 1) 168

Yea, this is oh so true. And even if I switch, what are the possibilities that I will run into issues with getting another daw to work with my audio interface? Probably pretty high. I need balanced i/o running through a fairly high-end preamp and comp/limiter from my neuiman. so, ya, rca and miniplug is not an option. I undoubtedly will have to upgrade software/hardware, but just trying to hold off a bit. And a lot of the files wav/aiff are delivered through google drive and a self hosted owncloud, so yep, I need a browser. owncloud is also a pain with 10.6 because only webdav works and it has all kinds of issues with filelocking and such. so it goes. thanks for the suggestions thought.

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