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Comment Re:KDE5 crashs anyway even with X11 (Score 1) 133

It shouldn't be so hard understand there are a project with a different version scheme.
In KDE version numbering "X.0.0" doesn't means first stable version, means first version from X development branch. This was no secret in times of KDE4 release and is no news now.
Even if keep up with this is to much for users, distro maintainers should know better.

Comment Re:when dissenting opinion is a bad thing (Score 2) 600

Some times it is a bad thing.

A dissenting opinion which has no evidence to back its claims has little to no value.
When the proponents of that dissenting opinion misrepresent the scientific method to fool the science illiterate masses, it is a bad thing.
Several dissenting opinions we hear now days holds on by plain deception.

Comment Re:Wine is working on that (Score 1) 145

The point of running slackware is compiling from source when you don't find a build/package for some application.
I don't say slackware doesn't supports X until I try to do:

make install

If you don't want to go that far, may be you should check other distro. This "missing package" for some app or driver will keep happening.

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