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Comment Re:Better options these days (Score 1) 90

if Minecraft's gotten boring, try a few of these:
- get to the credits in 20 minutes in survival on hard.
- finish an adventure map (like Diversity 1/2, Drobnovian Knights, Terra Restore)
- finish a CTM map by vechs, amlup or hilecio
- complete an HQM skyblock rebuild modpack (like Agrarian Skies, Project Ozone 1/2)
- complete an HQM story modpack (like Crash Landing, Material Energy^3/4, BlastOff)

Comment Re:Lots of cheap housing in US, just not in San Fr (Score 1) 271

nonsense. would you expect to be able to afford an appartment in Beverly Hills, or the upper west side? or how about renting a room at the Connaught?

why not? because those places are fucking expensive.

guess what? San Francisco is fucking expensive too. want somewhere cheap to live? find somewhere else.

or sleep in your own shit on the streets in San Francisco and shoot heroin all day long.

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