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Comment Another review (Score 1) 87

The P-2002W (the phone reviewed) looks way cooler than the 2002W I have, which has the feel of an early 90s cordless phone. The only other differences, besides looks seems to be the support for 802.11g and a portable charger to replace the bulky dock one has to carry around with the 2002W. I also noticed that the new model (like the 2002W) does not have support for WPA encryption, which is mandatory in some hotels and labs.

One major complaint I have about the 2002W is that it heats up a lot, and one can only hope that they've brought this factor under control in the new model. The 2002W will give you an unpleasant reminder that you've talked more than 45 minutes if you accidentally bring it in contact with your ear.

A great feature in both phones is support for traversing NATs through outbound SIP proxies and other things (usually requires support from the provider as well, since NAT traversal is not natively part of SIP). This explains why the author of the article was able to get it working everywhere.

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