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Comment Re:fluff don't read (Score 1) 235

He must have put a ton of money down. A 30 year fixed rate (ten years ago that ran around 6.875%) for an $18,000 house with 20% down gives a payment of $113.35. No idea where you're getting $20. This doesn't include property tax or insurance, either. Also, must have been a very small bank, since almost all of the big banks required at least a $50,000 loan for the better rates. For $14,400 (18k - 20%), they likely would add 3/8 to 5/8 to the rate.

Comment Have to write checks for 2 bills to avoid fees (Score 1) 281

My gas bill and water bill both charge fees to pay online (one is a $1.50 fee, the other is whatever Western Union charges), so I send checks. A stamp is cheaper than their fee. The stupidest one I ever had, though, was a car loan that was through CitiBank (the dealership got me a great rate: 0.9%). They only accepted payments online via Western Union. Yet, the CitiBank credit card my wife has allows us to pay online with no fees. WTF? You're the SAME DAMN COMPANY. Share the payment functionality between divisions. We paid that loan off as quickly as possible and I will be certain to never use CitiBank for a car loan, ever again.

Comment It's a 2 step process.. (Score 1) 371

I leave them in piles on my desk until either I, or my wife (usually her), becomes annoyed enough to stick them in the file drawer (neatly organized). We keep all bills on a 2 year cycle and all tax forms (and related documents) on a 7 year cycle. Everything outside of the 2/7 year range that has any identifying information (names, addresses, phone numbers, SS#'s, etc) on it is shredded.
The Courts

Court Asked To Strike All MediaSentry Evidence 204

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In Capitol v. Thomas, the RIAA's Minnesota case scheduled for trial on June 15th, the defendant's new attorneys have filed a motion to suppress all of the evidence procured by MediaSentry, on the ground that it was obtained in violation of state and federal criminal statutes. The defendant's brief (PDF) accuses MediaSentry of violations of the Minnesota Private Detectives Act, the federal Pen Register and Trap and Trace Devices Act, and the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. The motion is scheduled to be argued on June 10th."

Comment Re:I can see it now (Score 1) 554

I guess what surprises me the most is that I'd have thought the biggest problem with having 20 tabs open is... you have 20 tabs open. Are you seriously reading all those websites at the one time? If so, then you must have the worst case of ADHD I've ever come across! Please, get some help :-)

I work in technical support for an eCommerce company. I have two FF browser windows open with 5-8 tabs in each one (minimum). I manage whatever issues I'm working on plus look up other sites to assist the lower level techs with their questions, too. Sometimes I'll need to test email functionality, so I'd open GMail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail all at once. So, yes, there are real reasons to open multiple tabs (I also have Opera and Safari installed, too, for those rare instances where I need to test those browsers, too).

Comment Why does it matter? (Score 1) 663

I type "wrong" but still manage to hit 50-60 wpm when I'm in my stride. I'm not a secretary, nor a programmer. I work in technical support. Some of that support is managed through a chat program. I can handle 4 separate customers, plus questions from subordinates via GAIM/Pigeon, on my QWERTY keyboard.

I use whatever fingers feel comfortable at the time. It depends on the words being typed whether it's the left or right hand. The majority of the typing is done with my index fingers, but ring fingers on each hand get their fair share, as well as the occasional thumb for the spacebar, depending on what the index fingers are doing at the time.

Yeah, I backspace a lot, but still type faster than almost anyone I work with.

I could probably do the same thing with a Dvorak keyboard after a few weeks or practice, but why would I bother? What would be the benefit to learning a new keyboard that would only be at home? Work likely wouldn't provide me with a new keyboard without a valid reason. I have no family nor friends who use Dvorak keyboards. While it would annoy my wife on those rare occasions when she needed to use my computer, that's not enough of a reason to move over.

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