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Comment Re:I don't know anything anymore... (Score 0) 300

Calm down. People who have been moderated up enough times in the past have +1 to their comments' scores as a Karma Bonus Modifier. You can change this for your profile, which would drop a bunch of the +2s you see down to +1.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh. Thanks for pointing that out. It's time for me to RTFM.

Comment I don't know anything anymore... (Score 1) 300

This seems like it could be really confusing for users being bounced around domains everytime they change pages. Then again the hip browsers are hiding the URL bar by default so wtf do I know anymore...

How do you guys think this would work? What would brands use different domain names for if the extension is the brandname? Would it be for different geographic regions? different pages? different languages?

Comment Re:Overkill (Score 1) 363

Think even further. Think social doorbell So you could create facebook integrated doorbell profiles and share them with your friends. Share ringtones and cool doorbell widgets. Doorbell buttons and themes! Add B2B and advertising features and ring my bell! step into my office baby!

Comment Re:Nicely done! (Score 0) 204

We have to learn from our mistakes, but it goes against the age old geek ideal. While the garden has been turned into a corporate gear in a fantastically scary machine, it has enriched so many lives and only begun to fulfill its potential. In the end it is just another concept and the potential of a concept expands when realized for both greed and altruism. Let's rinse and repeat and with our wisdom relish the next golden age.

Comment Re:I Don't Like Mobile Apps... (Score 1) 153

If your phone is jailbroken SBadblock will block ads across all applications... Sadly you don't have very much GUI control over the "host" file. But you can edit it via terminal. Just a couple jailbroken exculsives are savvy it and will not run an app unless it's disabled. It only takes two clicks to toggle it and these apps a 1/100.

Comment Re:Whoa, whoa. (Score 1) 208

No you're not the only one that this mentality is alien too. I've recently successfully cultivated these feelings inside myself by playing civ 4. I'll trick my opponents any way I can to get my way. Micro manage my people to squeeze every drop of productivity from them. Even if I've already won, dominated my opponents on to a 1x1 square desert island I still gain satisfaction taking what little they have and nuking them for kicks. I've come to the conclusion that most of government and big business would be best managed at the highest levels by pubescent males with a strong mind for civ. It's just a big complicated game of risk and reward.

Comment Those Australians... (Score 1) 350

Those Australians really seem to have a superb understanding of computing technology... Not only is it the most expensive, it's most likely the least functional... I'm betting with in 1 year digital textbook downloads will be over $100 per ebook, since students will only be able to get them through the publisher at the app store.

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