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Comment Re:Some thoughts (Score 2) 601

You have to be kidding.
Yeah, he wasn't whistle blowing. He's in cahoots with the bad guys!

Just a couple things though, couldn't he have just quietly fed China/Russia et. al. information and have them disseminate it for him or just keep it all for themselves?
Couldn't he have just made these docs public while hiding the fact that he was the source?
Name five countries that would have been acceptable landing spots for him, which would not have immediately turned him over to the U.S. government.

Trying to besmirch the character and ideals of someone whose excrement has more appeal than the collective U.S. intelligence agencies is a waste of breath.

Comment So summing up the nonsense... (Score 1) 369

I've seen a lot of comments online about microtransactions. They're a dirty word lately, it seems. Gamers are upset that publishers/developers are "nickel and diming them." They're raging at "big and evil corporations who are clueless and trying to steal their money." I'm going to come right out and say it. I'm tired of EA being seen as "the bad guy." I think it's bulls*** that EA has the 'scumbag EA' memes on Reddit and that Good Guy Valve can Do No Wrong. ... If you don't like EA, don't buy their games. If you don't like their microtransactions, don't spend money on them. It's that simple.

Cliff says it's okay to not buy DLC from companies you think are trying to screw you over, but I guess you're not allowed talk about it? And also while you're at it, please don't talk about companies you like either. It's just bad form, I suppose.

So since, as a game developer, he isn't happy with the current model: "more talking" and "less spending money", but he isn't advocating "more talking" and also "more spending money." Instead, what he wants is "less talking" and "less spending money."

Because of this, I can only assume that the "more talking" is the part impacting the business in a meaningful way.

Comment You think the writing is bad... (Score 1) 605

Yeah, the writing is terrible, but you should also see the decline in art and music skills!

Most of the techies in my class can't even pick a decent blog theme, never mind compose one from scratch. They have zero sense for color matching and use of white space.

And musically, they're a bunch of absolute no-hopers. The .mp3 lists they put in their audio widgets seldom include any quality classical pieces.

Comment This just in: Human brain replicated perfectly! (Score 2) 181

Everything was going well, the human-like computer completing math and English challenges like a champ, but then something inside changed and suddenly it decided to spend all of it's free time watching reality television, voting for the next American Idol and ordering products featured on infomercials. The death knell came when the machine already feeling a bit self-conscious after eating Big Macs and Snickers bars, noticing that it's penis length was inadequate, and wondering why no one had responded to the or eHarmony profiles posted decided that the better life could be had by simply pouring light beer and spiced rum directly onto it's CPU.

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