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Comment Re:Not nearly forever (Score 1) 179

Your RAM directly modifies the specific parts your program need modified. On the other hand, if your SSD did the same, these parts will wear out quicker than the others, so the SSD only says that it modifies the same address, but it actually has its own controller which makes things so a different cell is modified each time (in the ideal case) - that's called "wear-leveling". If Intel's gizmo is prone to such wear, it most probably will use some sort of wear-leveling too. This makes the whole device wear out almost evenly with the speed of memory change. You are right that working with the memory doesn't include only writes. There are a lot of reads too and the reads aren't causing wear. So, if reads:writes are 4:1, then you are looking at a month, instead of a week. This again is short of 'nearly forever'.

Comment Not nearly forever (Score 1) 179

Wear-leveling, levels the demand for erase-write a cell, between all available cells. It does not increase their durability. It just makes them equally worn out, so part of them don't fail, while the others still have a lot of juice in them. ECC catches errors caused by the environment. It also does not increase the durability limit of the cells. And after they're worn out - they are worn out. ECC will not make them continue to store info for you. 8GB x 1million write cycles = 8 000 000 GB changed. According to Wikipedia, DDR3-1600 has a Peak transfer rate of 12,5GB/s. At comparable speeds, the 8GB of Intel's new memory will be worn out in about 178h, which is a little over a week of crunch. And this is not nearly forever.

Comment There already is a very similar thing in Bulgaria (Score 2, Informative) 232

There already is a very similar thing in Bulgaria (and probably in other countries). Here, the cellphone providers, the ISPs and all traveling agencies must keep detailed records in electronic format and grant access to them for the authorities at any time, without any warning. It's basically a human rights violation, but it seems that no one affected gives a damn. Maybe it's because the non-tech people don't realize the threat.

Comment Design is more important (Score 1) 569

Today's top software is not that much about perfect implementation. It's about software design. The big popular programs (actually even the text editors) are complex and the good software design is way more important that the implementation according the established design. So, you better specialize programming in certain scope, rather than certain language. The language is a derivative to the design. For an example - if you like low level programming (drivers, kernels, embedded systems), then you should learn C and some assembler very well. If you like programming desktop apps - C and C++ (maybe also Python). If administration is your passion, then specialize in Bash, Perl and C. To be a successful web developer you need to master HTML, Java Script, PHP... You got what I'm trying to say.

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